MULTNOMAH COUNTY, OR (KPTV) - Multnomah County saw a spike in COVID-19 cases over the weekend and county health officials say they are not linked to any one outbreak.

Health officials say the uptick in cases is tied to small workplace outbreaks and clusters of cases connected to families and tight social groups.

On Saturday, the Oregon Health Authority reported 34 new cases of COVID-19 in Multnomah County. On Sunday, that number more than doubled to 84 new cases.

Overall, health experts say Multnomah County is seeing an uptick in cases.

"We are aware that even if there are up and downs from day-to-day, we are in a state of an upward trend, not only in terms of case counts, but also in terms of the positivity of the testing that is done,” Multnomah County Communicable Disease Director Kim Toevs said.

Multnomah Co sees spike in COVID-19 cases not tied to single outbreak

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“We are seeing spread in really close social networks some related to work sites but it is really is a close, tight knit household and social networks where we are seeing spread,” Jennifer Vines, a Multnomah County health officer, said.

The county is asking people to take necessary precautions among social groups and those you are around to not contract of spread the virus.

“It is human nature to expect that the people who might be more risky to someone would be strangers and the people they would feel are more safe would be people that they know, especially family and friends,” Toevs said. “The fact of the matter for this infection, however, the people that you know you are family and friends with, while you may be less likely to wear face coverings, etc. with them, those are the people who probably are more likely to infect you.”

Health experts say to be vigilant over the next few months as the reopening continues and the virus continues to spread.

“There is no vaccine, there is no reliable treatment for this virus so prevention is still going to be key for the next several months,” Vines said.

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Frederick Fukov

Yo Hendricks. You got a typo dude. I believe instead of "tight social groups," you meant tight SOCIALIST groups. Not one mention in the entire article about thousands of people who aren't exactly known for their stellar personal hygiene to begin with, spending hours downtown in tightly packed clusters every night for the past 30 days? Do your job. I would expect that kind of reporting from CNN, but not the local FOX affiliate.


Isn’t using the name Multnomah racist?


Its cool guys, totally not the riots. Just a bunch of random coincidences


'Multnomah Co. sees spike in COVID-19 cases not tied to single outbreak' Deflection? Not like the mob scene downtown every night might have just a little bit to do with it.


Here’s an idea...if you’re scared of the flu, stay in your basement and the rest of us will keep the economy moving.

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