Portland protest police response file

File image from police response to protest and riot in Portland in September. (KPTV)

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese has declined to offer sheriff’s office assistance with crowd control at planned rallies in Portland on Saturday.

In an email to Deputy Chief Chris Davis of the Portland Police Bureau, Reese acknowledge a request for the MCSO Rapid Response Team and Mobile Booking Team to support the bureau Saturday.

The far-right group Proud Boys have a rally planned for noon at Delta Park, even though the city denied a permit for the gathering based on COVID-19 health guidelines. Anti-fascist counter protesters are planning a separate rally at Peninsula Park, about three miles away.

In his email, Reese wrote that the two groups “have a history of violent interactions.”

Reese stated that the ban on the use of CS gas by Portland police officers leaves the bureau “with no sound tactical options to quickly disperse a large crowd engaged in dangerous acts of violence.”

“If officers have to use high levels of physical force to protect the safety of the participants, it may lead to substantial injuries and may not be effective in achieving the desired outcome,” Reese stated in his email.

Earlier this month, Mayor Ted Wheeler ordered the Portland Police Bureau to stop using tear gas for crowd control, as Portland was in the midst of more than 100 straight days of protests that often turned into riots.

“Unfortunately, given the directions your team is working under, our Rapid Response Team is not available,” Reese said.

Reese did offer the support of the Mobile Booking Team to assist in processing people arrested, while also assisting with patrol duties in east Portland, which will free up additional Portland police officers for crowd control at the rallies.

In a separate email from Oregon State Police to Davis, it states OSP has "some serious reservations on your request relating to crowd control," specifically addressing the ban on CS gas.

OSP acknowledges the ban is "due to circumstances beyond the control of PPB." 

"If the decision (to) amend the CS gas prohibition is revisited, we are willing to discuss resource allocation. OSP has used CS gas judiciously, although it is a tool we must have available for community safety, officer safety and best policing practices," according to OSP. 

OSP has offered uniformed patrol coverage to assist PPB on Saturday, as well as resources to aid in officer rescue and the transport of personnel. 

The Portland Police Bureau on Tuesday said they were preparing for “mass gathering events” Saturday. Police Chief Chuck Lovell said in a press release Tuesday that the bureau was working with the mayor’s office and other partnering agencies in their response plans.

Wheeler on Wednesday issued a series of Tweets about the planned Proud Boys rally, saying, “Alt-right groups and white nationalists are intent on coming into our community. These groups empower racism, intolerance and hate. Those are not Portland values, and they are not welcome. Hate has no home in Portland.”

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(21) comments


Sadly Wheeler is the face of incompetence. In way over his head. Ted, please resign and turn it over to someone capable of understanding evil when it stares them in the face.


Spineless ted's comments make no sense. The terrorists, anarchists, rioters, looters, thieves, and murders have been welcomed for months and have had free reign with no law upheld.

Let it burn, it should be a huge wake up call for Portland. Nothing but good for the rest of us.

I really don't understand why th PPD doesn't strike and let it burn.


The real question is do you want this country, Oregon and your family ruled by BLM or the constitution and Trump.

Eliza Cassan

"Hate has no home in Portland" Except for the police, federal government, Republicans, the law, etc.


Hmm, anyone who has watched the riots know there is plenty of hate to be had during the "peaceful protests". Just what does Mayor Wheeler think ACAB means? That is a plenty hateful statement right there, and it is painted everywhere in Portland. The refusal to see what is in front of his face is breathtaking. And it is what the future holds for this state if we keep electing his ilk.


I honestly don't see how they can stop it. It's just a bunch of peaceful protestors coming to exercise their right. Cant we wall this city off yet? Keep Portland wierd? Keep the weirdos in Portland is my bumper sticker.


Wheeler has presented himself to civil lawsuits. I hope the injured and businesses take every last penny from this anti-American Fool.


Spineless Ted, you and Jo Ann "I hate the police and everything about them" Hardesty made this bed, now you two can sleep in it.

Mike 97123

Wheeler must stop abusing and risking the lives of the Portland Police Officers. This is negligent and criminal on his part.

Mr Q

Well Teargas Teddy ... you created this lawless mess that used to be Portland ... and now none of the other law enforcement agencies will help you because you have tied your officers hands ... and you blame conservatives for the violence that your antifa pets and blm are causing ....


The leadership of proud boys may not be from Portland but those are Portlanders who attend the rallies. It is simply stupid to say that it's outsiders who come into Portland to hold these rallies. Hardee's exists in Portland whether black or white or Mexican, we all are, to a degree, racist. That's just natural. Openly racist, that's a different story. Wheeler is living in a few world. Ordering police to not use a time tested and effective crowd control device like tear gas. That is just ridiculous. And law enforcement shot callers from around the country are telling us this by refusing to assist PPB in handling these situations. Trump isn't wrong about handling these crowds. Wheeler is.


Since Wheeler knows best how the police should do their job, then I fully expect to see him out there in the police line helping the police keep the peace.


Wake up Portlanders this is your so called leaders doing all this in the name politics. You people of Portland are nothing but pons so the Democrats can to try and overthrow the government. Just think how bad it's going to be all over the city on election day?


The mayor likes to talk about hate and all and say it's this alt-right group. I would like to know who it was doing all of the rioting and hate before the alt-right group showed up in Portland? The notion that Portland is a progressive city is true and if you don't lean left you're not welcome there.


The end is near for Portland. Wheeler and Hardesty have told the blm and antifa that they can have Portland to do with as they want. Wheeler's way of dealing with the destruction of his city is to blame Trump. The positive side of Wheeler letting the terrorists destroy Portland is that it will be a great thing for the rest of Oregon.


You got that exactly right !!!



pb sir

Way to go, spineless Ted... you should be so proud. Now, no other Law Enforcement agency in their right mind will come in and assist the City of Portland. Thank you for making us all safer with your brave, steady "leadership"...


"Hate has no home in Portland.” Mayor Wheeler in response to Proud Boys legally requesting a permit to have a rally.

But BLM, Antifa anarchists and other Portland misfits have a free rein to loot, burn and kill. So, Mayor, hate has a home in Portland. It's called democrats, socialists and leftists, all the same people.


You are so correct !!!

pb sir

Exactly right... Who is it that "hates" business owners, especially in downtown? It is certainly not the Proud Boys... I will guarantee you that the group meeting in Peninsula Park never applied for a permit, at all.

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