PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A Multnomah County Commissioner said she was part of a group of protesters that were tear gassed by federal officers on Saturday night.

Multnomah County Commissioner Sharon Meieran said she and a group of health care workers had attended the demonstrations after getting off from their shift at the ER on Saturday.

She said their group joined the larger group that kept forming as the night went on.

It was peaceful and positive with a lot of good energy, according to Meieran.

She said some demonstrators were knocking down fences and trying to get into the federal building area but she didn’t see anything violent happening.

People were walking around and chanting when suddenly a federal officer threw a canister of tear gas without warning into the crowd, according to Meieran.

She said she got caught in the fumes and posted about it on Twitter saying in part “democracy is slipping away in front of our tear-gassed eyes."

“I’m horrified by it. It’s almost like it still doesn’t compute what were they thinking how they could get away with doing that why were they doing that,” Meieran said. “Suddenly it does feel like this occupying force has come in that in any other world any other scenario you’d be watching this on tv and thinking this like a dictatorship they’re coming in and taking over. This is taking away our authority our autonomy our residents civil rights and it’s not ok.”

Meieran returned on Sunday with goggles and a respirator. She says she feels she needs to be here to speak out when and where she can.

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(55) comments


She said some demonstrators were knocking down fences and trying to get into the federal building area but she didn’t see anything violent happening....So breaking and entering isn't violent, we have a different definition of violence. If someone was breaking down my fence to get into my backyard I consider that violence.

Roberto Estrello Demar

She walks into the middle of a crowd that's fixin' to riot, and then she complains about a whiff of tear gas. Portland, where DO you find such fools? And according to her lab coat she is some kind of M.D. I don't think I'd want her changing a Band-Aide if she can't even keep her own self out of trouble.

Mockingbird Media

I have absolutely no sympathy for people who do not disperse when a riot has been declared. Being a Multnomah County Commissioner, she should know better.

This person is setting a terrible example for her county.

Thinking Person

Hey KPTV - you know what would be great? A poll! You guys are always so eager to do polls but why not now? What's the problem? Run out of ideas? Here are some:

A Poll of Portlanders to see if they support the demonstrations.

A Poll of Portlanders to see if they support the Feds

A Poll of Portlanders to see if they like the portrayal of the Rioters as Protestors

A Poll of Portlanders to see if they support the mayor, the commissioners, the governor.

See KPTV the silence is deafening and it's clear you are afraid of the answers


Of course you know your suggestions are pointless. The Clinton clones are out to trash the United States before they check into prison. Valiant try, however.

pb sir

Gassing and old gas bag... doesn't get much better than that.


Thank you 👏👏👏 DHS & PACT

Carry ON👍


Just another bandwagon woke person that has no idea what the heck they are doing. The scary thing is that she was elected to represent anything...just another reason to not live in Portland.

Just curious

[thumbup]She does sound like she does NOT understand that these are truly "RIOTERS", not peaceful protesters.

Peaceful protesters don't destroy public property, don't throw cement, rocks & etcetera junk at the police..[scared][scared]


People amaze me. Nothing Violent, just people trying to get into the court house and set fires. Where are you from lady. People like you are part of the problem.

Just curious



She saw people knocking down fences and trying to get into the federal building "to burn it down and destroy it" But nothing violent so its all ok LOL You get what you derisive idiot! Dont you get it! All these people are terrorists and your supporting them in destroying your own city!


She knows nothing and is a political hack. Canisters of poison? Oh, please.


The morons keep electing idiots to run their city and blame the negative things it causes on people who have nothing to do with it. Portland is now national news because of their stupidity. Let's see them blame the destruction of their city on "Portland just being weird", which is what they seem to say every time they do something that makes them look like the idiots they are.


Actually world news, it's all over BBC and RT news. Oddity is, between the left and right leaning papers of the world, the reporting is the same, left lie filled facts, and facts.

Just curious

[thumbup]She probably gets a salary, or freebies from the Portland City government.


She was protesting herself? She must sit down and be replaced by somebody that cares about the entire city not just the few law breaking urban terrorists. If you act like a rioter - you get treated like a rioter, but she knew that-that is why she was there. I'd tear gas her again if she shows any more civil disobeince. Shutting down streets is illegal. Intimidating citizens try to walk on their own sidewalks is illegal. Stop doing illegal things and you will NOT be tear gassed. Are you to stupid to understand this or do you just not care?


The far-left nut job running against Wheeler is even worse! She's declared herself antifa and has been out there with the violent protestors creating chaos and mob rule. THIS is our only option other than Wheeler?!? Stop voting for lawless liberals!!


Yep. We have great choices in October.

Just curious

[thumbup]She showed her stupidity.

Alexander Marinesko

"She said some demonstrators were knocking down fences and trying to get into the federal building area but she didn’t see anything violent happening." These "peaceful" demonstrators were peaceful tearing down fences, these peaceful demonstrators were breaking windows, these peaceful demonstrators were destroying property public and private, "peaceful". Let portland burn to the ground - that's what these "peaceful" demonstrators want.....


I have been an Oregonian for 60 years. For the first time I’m ashamed today that. Our leadership is more concerned about their jobs then law and order. They tell us we can’t gather in large groups but the condemn the police for trying to break up a large crowd of criminals doing damage to Portland. A curfew needs put in place and those that violate it need put in jail.


We had a curfew, but no ones paid any attention to it, and it wasn't enforced. Just like the rest of the laws here. Our "leaders" continue to fail us, as those who hate this country, continue to vote for them. You get what you vote for has never proven to be more true than what we see happening to Portland, Chicago, Seattle, Minneapolis, LA, and NYC.


She said some demonstrators were knocking down fences and trying to get into the federal building area but she didn’t see anything violent happening. And this is what you get when you elect these people.

Terrell Higgs

Knocking down fences, trespassing, arson, that's a peaceful demonstration? What's her idea of a violent one? I'm glad she got gassed, next time maybe it will be napalm.



Just curious

[thumbup][thumbup] Or better yet she would get Hosed with a high stream of water, or is it called water-boarding?


right....commissioner of chaos, violence, hypocrisy, hate, She could be the poster child for our failing and pathetic local and state officials.


Is anyone else tired of the whining and crying by people breaking the law? I mean just going down there is trouble enough. The police are doing there jobs if you people continue they wouldn't it's way by now and just costing millions your tax payers money. Don't start none and there won't be none simple rule stop blaming them!

Just curious

[thumbup] Why do they "cry" & scream bloody murder when they get caught destroying property? Like a 2 year old reacts when their toy is taken away.

Husky Loyalist

What a liar. She was not attending a lawful demonstration. She was engaged in an unlawful riot. She should be removed from office for her violation of her oath but in Porlandia they will probably erect a statue.


That's what happens when you attend a riot.

Facts Matter

she is an accomplice, lock her up. she is in competition with the loones at city hall. Dumbacrats sure know how to destroy a city, the economy, and rule of law. Keep paying your taxes, and electing these mentally unstable individuals.




So this person's faction joined in a protest which had already been underway and grew exponentially. The event was heated and emotional but peaceful, then the group began to criminally and violently destroy private and public property including attempting to overtake a federal building. Shortly thereafter law enforcement began to nonviolently take control of the protest turned riot with known tried and true disbursement measures. Did I miss anything?

Just curious

[thumbup] Nope, you got it all.


Sure, I was there protesting with people who were trying to break into a federal building, but the federal police didn't even bother to separate us into groups who would do damage and those who wouldn't. There should have been some kind of referee to sort these things out before the tear-gassing. It's an abomination, I tell you.


Maybe protestors and rioters should were rainbow colored name tags. Or blue hair for the protesters and flaming red for rioters. Much easier to separate them.

Just curious



"She said some demonstrators were knocking down fences and trying to get into the federal building area but she didn’t see anything violent happening."

This is the kind of idiocy you get when you keep electing liberals. These rioters have been emboldened by the Mayor, Governor and the impotent Portland Police. If the protestors had a brain they would realize the police are controlled by their own cities and those they elect. It's a local issue, police are under the control of Democrats and liberals in all these cities where they believe they have a problem.


Liberals are their own worst enemy, but too obtuse to realize it.


'Multnomah County commissioner says she was tear gassed by federal officers. She said their group joined the larger group that kept forming as the night went on' That group would be rioters, as there is no more protestors downtown. 'She said she got caught in the fumes and posted about it on Twitter saying in part “democracy is slipping away in front of our tear-gassed eyes." ' She must have drank some of the Ted/Jo Ann/Pelosi/Rosenblum/Brown/Wyden/Merkley/Blumenauer kool aid. Bottom line is that if you did not go into downtown Portlandistan, you would not have been gassed. Cry someone else your river.

Just curious

[thumbup][thumbup]She'll never read our comments anyway.


She should have been “Kent Stated”.


Knocking down security fences to torch a building isn't violent?


Okay, so she admits to adding and abetting in a federal offense. She witnessed people destroying private property, illegally trespassing, and attempting to gain entry into a federal building. After hours....All still illegal and criminal offenses regardless of how "non-violent" you pretend to be... The police are still streaming vid's of those same protesters throwing frozen bottles of water at them (assaulting a police officer), firing mortars at a federal building, destroying private property, setting fires, etc. Also, KPTV poorly trying to socially engineer people into buying into this nonsensical blatherskite about the federal officers being the problem. That this nurse isn't complicate in crimes and is proof of federal wrong doing. If you see someone getting raped and you decide "oh, well they're doing it non violently" then walk away! You're just as guilty as the guy holding that person down while they rape them. Let alone the news entities that keep painting those people that caused 23 million in damages as the good guys! The difference between a protest and a riot is the threat of violence. Things burning! People looting!


A witness to a crime who does not stop the crime does not make them guilty of the same crime. It is morally wrong to not stop the crime if you can. However if a bunch of people are doing something and you could get hurt for stepping in, you let the police do so. If they were taking down a fence, the police should handle that. She should not. Nor should she be tear gassed if she is not doing anything wrong. Protesting is our right, she was within her rights. Some others were not, they should be dealt with separately.

Just curious

Well have you ever heard the cliche': Birds of a feather flock together"?


BECAUSE I’d had has happened to Portland in the last six months My family and I will NEVER vote for a Democrat ever again.






Well, I guess a constructive comment would be, she shouldn't have attended a riot.


It was not a riot at that point..

Roberto Estrello Demar

It was fixin' to become a riot, and she was there to help it along.


So a guess this all started with a white male police officer kneeling on a black mans throat. I'm a non racist man but would anyone care if it was Visa vera? Just asking. Never would have heard about it.

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