MULTNOMAH COUNTY, OR (KPTV) - Renters in Multnomah County will get another break when it comes to not being able to pay their rent because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

County Commissioners voted Thursday to extend the county’s emergency declaration, extending the rent moratorium until July 2, 2021.

Currently, state lawmakers are working on legislation for an upcoming Special Session that would extend the rent moratorium statewide and give some landlords who have not been paid back rent some relief.

A proposed bill would allocate $150 million for small landlords to recover up 80% of lost rent. Another $50 million would be allocated for tenants looking for rental assistance moving forward. The state legislature is set to hold a one-day special session on Dec. 21.

Multnomah County extends rent moratorium, state working on separate plan

Image: KPTV

For renters like Erin Meechan of Gresham the last few months have been tough. She says she is not alone.

“I hear from different folks who are in my same shoes and as well as different shoes,” Meechan said.

The pandemic and the restrictions that followed has had an impact on her monthly bills.

“The housing part is very scary because of not being able to keep up with the rent. My landlord has actually really been very supportive,” Meechan said.

Landlords like hers are also having a tough time during this pandemic.

“He needs this money for his income, so like I said, he has been very supportive, but I don’t know how long he can hold out either,” Meechan said.

Jill Marichich is with Titan Property Management, a small company that manages about 86 different homes. She says they are feeling the impacts and seeing it from both the renter and property owners perspective.

“We have some owners who haven’t had that income since March,” Marichich said. “So if they are not receiving their rent they are not paying their mortgage, their utilities, their taxes, and you know some of them even have that as their main source of income so if they are not receiving their rent they have no choice but to sell their house.”

Of their 86 homes they manage, she says 17 are either paying what they can or have not paid rent at all since March.

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(5) comments


Watch the well-placed donor class swoop in and pick up hundreds of rentals made available by their shills in office when these landlords default.


This is pure liberal stupidity, if the county wants to help renters then they should pay the landlord the rent money , you can’t just help the renter or the mortgage holder will lose the property in the long run ! Any fool can figure this out so wake up commissioners

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

This is just mind boggling. The whole thing is just one big power grab.


We are watching how the democrats, are abusing their power as they receive full pay and benefits and they tell some landlords they are not entitled to their rents. This is a taking and the landlords must be made whole, by the commissioners..


I'm sure county and city governments will forgive the missing property tax. Oh wait. If they did that, it means *they* wouldn't get paid.

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