NAACP asks police to apologize for controversial arrest of OSU student

KPTV photo.

CORVALLIS, OR (KPTV) - The NAACP is asking Corvallis police and Oregon State Police to publicly apologize to an African-American OSU student who was recently arrested.

It all started when police stopped the woman, saying she was riding her bike on the wrong side of the road. Civil leaders say the arresting trooper was acting on implicit bias or racially profiling the woman, with the NAACP calling the encounter inhumane and unlawful and claiming racial inequity.

OSP says allegations against the officer are being meticulously reviewed as the agency compiles as much information as possible. The police agency Monday released footage of the incident in Corvallis Oct. 13.

In the body camera footage, six troopers can be seen in frame, eventually aiding in the arrest of a woman. The arresting trooper says the woman, Genesis Hansen, was riding her bike on the wrong side of the road.

Hansen refused to provide her identification to law enforcement, which, according to the ACLU, the state of Oregon allows if you're not driving a vehicle.

A back-and-forth between Hansen and the officer continues for 20 minutes as people gather on the street to watch. Hansen is arrested as Corvallis officers arrive as backup.

The NAACP spoke out about the case Tuesday saying Hansen was exercising her rights.

“We view this civil rights violation by state and local law enforcement as another example of racial inequality and excessive use of force imposed on communities of color by law enforcement,” Angel Harris with the NAACP said.

According to the ACLU, while you don’t have to identify yourself, the police may detain you until they establish your identity. Oregon State University, which contracts with OSP to provide security, calls the incident “troublesome”. They say they are now reassessing their contract with the police agency.

So far, Hansen is not facing any criminal charges, but was issued a $265 citation for bicycling on the wrong side of the road, which she disputes.

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(12) comments

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

What is the REST of the story??? Did some SJW intern from Reed College write this? The original article said this racist (BTW, anyone who plays the race card to game something is definitely a racist even by their own metric) "was riding her bike down a fairly quiet road off campus when a trooper on a bike himself stopped to cite her for riding on the wrong side of the road." Aren't neighborhoods adjacent to the OSU campus considered to be high density and high traffic volume areas? Isn't it reasonable that one should obey traffic laws in that regard when riding a bicycle in those areas as a matter of public safety for the rider and motorists, which in this case is lawfully riding your bicycle on the correct side of the street? And according to Oregon code, a bicycle is considered a vehicle and is subject to traffic laws as motorcycles are.

Her traffic infraction is NOT a "race" and neither is a citation. Enforcing the law is NOT "racism" unless you're black, apparently. You can thank Obama, the NAACP, BLM and George $oro$ who funds them, leftist media, Al Sharpton and other race baiting groups of the grievance industry for the lawless dynamic against police and the bottomless deck of race cards being played. The allegedly aggrieved "victim" in this matter could stand a semester in a genuine civics class as well.

DB Cooper

So many lawyers here!


"I dont answer questions". She said on the video to the co9 when he advised ber that he sould arrest her to if she continued to refuse to provide ID. So, he then advised her he was placing her under arrest, he reached out to take her arm and she immediately resisted by pulling her arm away and twisting her body away from the cop so as to flee. He did the exact job he was employed and for which he enjoys "public authority" to do here. She was completely out of line and by telling them that she doesn't answer questions demonstrated that she is only partially educated about the "rights of a citizen during a police encounter". It happens frequently someone watches a you tube video about the rights of a person during an encounter with police. As is also pretty frequent, these people fail to actually grasp the fundamentals of the lessons these attorneys are teaching in the videos. This isnt a case where some "constitutional common law citizen" makes an idiot of themselves by claiming tgat they aren't driving a motor vehicle but merely traveling and therefore aren't required to have any licensing and all that.. These videos state that if you are minding your business and some cop pulls up and says hello to you, you dont need to respond, nor do you need to stop and submit to whatever questioning is to follow. However, if the cop pulls up and tells you to stop as he gets out of his car, you are required to stop. That is a lawful order. If he asks you the usual questions where you going, coming from, why, for how long and with whom, you are not required to respond to this line of questioning. However, if he asks you to identify yourself, you shoukd tell them your name. You dont have to pull out u

Your ID, but you do need to identify yourself. If he tells you that he is investigating a crime and you are a suspect, you should cooperate at that point if you are innocent but you can continue to refuse to answer his questions, but if he is truly investigating a crime and he has some basis to suspect you are the perpetrator, he can detain you for a reasonable length of time, which can be a while. The supreme court has left that open for practical purposes as each situation is different. In this case, she knew he had contacted her because she had committed a traffic violation, she then demonstrated, clearly I believe, why some people should leave the weed alone. Just because it isnt illegal to get stoned today doesn't mean that naturally stupid people should blaze away like everyone else. I think she should face charges for her conduct and the officer maybe should receive additional training because he allowed this encounter to become an incident, where he should have been more authoritative as opposed to patiently allowing her to control any portion of the encounter. It was a clear infraction, minor though it may be. He was empowered to do everything that he did. She was entirely out of line and, as usual, this NAACP clown is an idiot with ulterior motives of some sort. The DAs office should pursue the charges to the extent permissible. In for a penny, in for a pound.

Lawlessness Brings Destruction



It is time to do away with College police departments, as employees or contractors, and rely totally on the local police in the communities where they are. Why should college students have separate police than other residents in the communities?

Illya Kuryakin

ACLU says you dont need your license unless you are operating a vehicle. What is a bicycle?


The law is the law. Bicycles must follow thr same laws as cars. She was given many chances to give the officer her name, she refused and was told she was under arrest she resisted. Why should they apologize

Lee Smith

A. a bicycle is a vehicle in the state of Oregon and as such you must follow all the same laws as cars & trucks do. B. when stopped and asked you must present ID if your operating a vehicle in oregon, see A.. C. she resisted playing the race card and was arrested. D. I don't see any reason why the OSP should apologize to anyone for doing their job.


Hansen caused the entire incident, nothing to apologize for except the NAACP for stirring the pot.


A. Riding a bike on the wrong side of the road is dangerous.

B. It may be a misdemeanor.

C. Why not give the Officer your I.D.?

D.The Oregon State Police have jurisdiction anywhere in the state, including on or off campus.

Was this actually a person of color? If not, Why was the NAACP getting into it?

This smacks of simply making trouble for authority figures.

$235 seems awfully steep for that offense.

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

It was $265 and may have been adjusted higher in keeping with belligerence.


If you are black you can do as you wish. I lived in Eugene for several years and there you had to licence your bike and follow the rules of the road. I think all bikes should be licenced and pay road tax. I live on the Oregon Coast Bike Route and we have people all over the place. I am supprised there is not more road kill with some of these idiots.

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