Neighbors are fed up with the continued crime on their block in northeast Portland.

People living on Northeast Prescott Street say gun violence, gang activity and drug deals are happening right outside their doors.

Late Saturday, officers took several people into custody after a standoff that lasted for hours near Northeast Prescott Drive and Northeast 130th Avenue.

Police say the two of the suspects, 58-year-old James M. Siberz and 19-year-old Dennis R. Spencer, have warrants out for their arrests and a history of criminal behavior.

On Wednesday, the Portland Police Bureau’s Gang Enforcement Team responded to reports of gunfire in the area, an incident neighbors say left at least one bullet hole in the side of their home.

Apartment owners tell FOX 12 their tenants feel unsafe and the crime is getting worse. They say it’s time the troublesome tenants were evicted.

“I want those guys out. That’s it,” said Francisco Gonzales, who lives across the street.

People living on the block say they’re scared to go outside. They say the violence stirred up by one unit, in particular, needs to end.

Several neighbors didn’t want to go on camera because they fear retaliation.

“It concerns me because I have children and I’m scared to go out to my car every day just to take them to the store,” said one woman living on NE Prescott.

One of the landlords on the block, Stacie Paz, says in just two years she’s heard numerous gunshots. One incident put a bullet hole in her home.

Paz says her baby daughter was outside for the most recent gunfire on Wednesday.

“What happened the other night - my daughter was on the balcony. I heard a girl screaming and a guy has a gun waving in the air. So I just grabbed my daughter and ran to the back,” said Paz.

FOX 12 obtained surveillance video that was taken from a neighbor’s balcony Wednesday. Paz and other neighbors say the group of teens in the video is always causing trouble.

“I’ve seen fights break out in the middle of the street. I’ve seen people holding guns. I’ve seen drug deals just right outside,” said a woman who wants to remain anonymous.

“I got three girls: 9 12, and 16. I’m worried about that,” said Gonzales.

Other landlords say they’ve had tenants move out because of the crime, and it won’t be long before they’re gone, too.

FOX 12 also spoke with the apartment owners of what neighbors call the problematic tenants. They say they’re in the process of serving papers to the people living there.

Other landlords in the area say they just want their peaceful neighborhood back.

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