PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Police say neighbors in a north Portland neighborhood helped them catch a burglar with a lengthy criminal history.

Neighbors say the series of events took place Sunday while it was still daylight. Matt Kurowski says it started at his neighbor’s house.

“He came through our neighbors’ yard there. He took their barbecue propane tank and a gas can, then came into our yard and took our shovel and ditched his gas can,” Kurowski said.

He said the man then went next door to try and hide in the garage, but the homeowners chased him out.

Kurowski said that’s when several men passing by on skateboards helped to capture the burglar.

“One of them used their skateboard to trip him up and detain him and hold him until police came,” said Kurowski.

Police say the suspected burglar is 29-year-old Anthony Gates.

Neighbor describes how skateboarding passersby helped capture burglar in North Portland

Image: KPTV

According to court documents, Gates is being charged with several counts of burglary as well as possession of a stolen motor vehicle. Those documents show Gates has been previously convicted of three felonies and some misdemeanors.

Court documents also show that Gates has three current cases that have not been resolved in court yet from the months of January, February and March. In those cases, Gates faces a slew of charges, including multiple counts of being in possession of a stolen vehicle, identity theft and felon in possession of a firearm, amongst other charges.

Kurowski says he’s just thankful that the young men were there to stop the burglar.

“I feel like a lot of young people are getting bad raps these days, you know like, it was nice to hear that some kids took it upon themselves to stop the guy and using a skateboard was a clever idea,” he said.

Police say they are now investigating whether Gates is tied to even more cases.

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(5) comments

Woke Eyesaidsir

He is like the rest of the criminals who leave jail with the imprimatur of a DA with his juriprudence degree from the Walt Disney University of Racist Chasers ! This guy is a "repeat-repeater". God Bless American.... except California !


As a typical Portland liberal I just don't understand why we are stopping guys like this from their way of making a living. It is only fair that he take from those who have. This is a leveling of the playing field and is socially just. Why should he be in jail just because he takes "your stuff"? You only have your stuff because of systemic racisms and unfair treatment of indigenous peoples. It is high time for straight white males of this generation to pay for the damage that may have been caused by generations long ago. Just because you were not there and maybe not even related to anyone who did bad things you still need to be punished and your stuff taken away and given to anyone but white males especially you with your white privilege. Ok this is satire but it is what the Democrat party leaders are selling today. Just listen to the loudest voices of that party. AOC, Pelosi, Biden. This is what they say (not sure if they believe it) but the are selling it to the public.


Is this one of Teds friends?


And how does he get a lengthy criminal history? By being a criminal in Multnomah County where he will be released back to the streets with zero consequences to find an easier target.



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