PORTLAND, OR (KPTV)-Neighborhoods in Southeast Portland are dealing with a city increase in gun violence.

Portland Police estimate 105 shootings so far this year in what’s been just 33 days of 2021.

“It didn’t use to be like this,” one woman said.

FOX 12 spoke with a woman who lives in the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood but didn’t want to go on camera for her own safety and fear of retaliation.

“There are parts of like intersections you don’t go to after dark because you’re not sure if you’re going to get shot at or what might come about,” she said. “It’s really scary, especially when you have kids just, it’s so unpredictable.”

Neighbors in SE Portland adapting, taking precautions with spike in gun violence

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She said things that were once routine, like walking to the nearby Dairy Queen, are now out of the question, in certain spots that seem too dangerous.

“You’re supposed to be able to just live your life, and when you’re scared that something awful may happen to you for no apparent reason, it’s definitely a shift in your whole normalcy.”

We’ve heard of neighbors here looking into getting concealed carry permits or finding other ways to try to protect themselves.

“I bought body armor just in case,” Randy Vandomelen, who lives in Southeast Portland, said. “It’s just not right. It shouldn’t be like this.”

“Ultimately, the neighborhood is watching out for each other because that’s all we really have right now,” the anonymous woman we spoke with said.

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(10) comments


I'm wondering why it is not Biden's fault now, that Trump is out of office?


Maybe it is time for some good old fashioned vigilante justice.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

One thing's for sure. What's happened to Portland can't be blamed on Trump, or republicans, or conservatives. The devolution of Portland started decades before Trump was in office. Republicans / conservatives haven't had a majority or anyone in a real position of leadership in this city and this state..again..for decades. Liberals have no one to blame but themselves. Anyone who votes for a democrat, is a moron.


So, I just looked it up 44 deaths by shootings in Chicago this year.... Wow Portland!


It's so funny you allow lawlessness then complain when it happens over and over!

Sounds like the definition of insanity!

Eliza Cassan

All those "In our America" and Kate Brown signs in your front yard don't protect you from bullets. Next time don't vote in city council members like this.


Maybe oh Teddy and gang ought to suck it up and put back the gun violence team.

He made a big mistake taking them out. Demand that he put them back in people.

Alexander Marinesko

Portland gets tough on shooting in portland. You stop that, said ted with authority in his voice! My DA will punish you for your action!


Maybe these neighborhoods need to "de-annex" themselves from Portland. I mean, the Portland leadership couldn't even be bothered to pave all the roads. Do you really think they give a rats patooty about citizens getting shot up?


(Portland City Code 17.28.020.A states the rule:

"The owner(s) of land abutting any street in the City shall be responsible for constructing, reconstructing, maintaining and repairing the sidewalks, curbs, driveways and parking strips abutting or immediately adjacent to said land.)

After that is done, the city takes over the street.

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