A Nepalese woman, who has been denied a travel visa five times, is trying to get to Portland to see her dying mother one last time.

A few months ago, 69-year-old Keshari Tamrakar took a flight from Nepal to Portland to see her granddaughter Selba Tamrakar walk down the aisle on her wedding day.

"But we had to cancel it because she had a seizure on the plane," said Selba, who has been a spokesperson for the family.

Before the family knew it, Keshari was taken off the plane and rushed to the hospital. After a number of visits and frequent seizures, doctors told Keshari she had cancer.

"We figured out that she had a tumor in her brain too," Selba told FOX 12.

Keshari is now in hospice care, while her daughter Sunita Tamrakar is back in Nepal trying to make her way to the U.S.

"My aunt got interviewed for the visa too for my wedding but she didn't get it and we tried like maybe six times," said Selba.

Selba's family says the American Embassy of Kathmandu denied 42-year-old Sunita a visa with no explanation when she first applied in September. They handed her a book filled with a list of reasons people get denied without giving one that applied to her case.

Now, months later, Sunita is going through the process yet again.

Keshari has been taken care of by family in Portland. Still, she wishes only to see her daughter.

"Her daughter has been there for her whole life and to like know that she cannot see her daughter one last time, and for my aunt to see her one last time, it's just heartbreaking," said Selba.

It's a sad situation the family deals with daily, as Keshari sits in hospice care, and doctors say her last days are near.

"I just don't think there should be any rules for a mother to see a daughter or a daughter to see a mother," Selba said.

The family says at 2 a.m. Pacific Time, Sunita will be going through the process for a sixth time. The family is keeping their fingers crossed, hoping she'll be able to see her mom in time.

The family has created a GoFundMe page and a petition to get Sunita back in the states.

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