New law changes how Washington pot shops can advertise


Beginning last Sunday, pot shops across Washington were forced to change how they advertise.

The new law is because state lawmakers are concerned some of the advertising has become too appealing to kids.

Adam Hamide owns Main Street Marijuana in Vancouver.

“I think as a growing new industry, we need to be responsible,” said Hamide.

He welcomes the new advertising restrictions that include no signs spinners, no sandwich boards, or inflatables outside shops.

“I think it’s good,” said Hamide. “I think keeping the product away from the people that are under 21 and not appealing to children, I think that’s a good thing.”

The law also states signs on buildings or billboards must say 21 and over. It also can’t show any pot-type images or use cartoon characters.

“Our Longview store had a billboard,” said Hamide. “It had a pot leaf on it and it had the store’s name so we actually got rid of the billboard all together.”

Other shops in Vancouver aren’t as happy with the changes.

“I personally think that’s a little restrictive,” said Cody Olson.

Olson is one of the managers of Greenhead Cannabis. On Tuesday, the shop still had a sandwich sign out front.

“They don’t have anything on them as far as the cannabis leaves or you know cannabis shop or anything you know, just that we’re open. So I think that’s how we justify that," said Olson. “There is nothing on there that says hey kids come here and get it. It’s just a business.”

But Olson said she’s still learning about the new law and if push comes to shove, she’ll move the sign.

“We’re going to do what we need to do to be able to stay open and to comply,” said Olson.

The new law also states shops can’t advertise to people outside of the state.

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