PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The Portland Police Bureau will now assign every officer a three-digit number and require that the number be prominently display on the officers' helmet during protests.

The bureau said it will begin to stencil numbers on helmets immedietly, hoping to finish by Nov. 15.

On Friday, the bureau also announced that five officers have been assigned alternative duties while the bureau investigates concerns reported by members of the public.

The change is in response to community members who said it is difficult to identify officers with the current system, which involves a longer personnel number in lieu of a name tag. Previously, officers were asked to wear a personal identification number due to concerns and threats about doxxing, which involves publishing or making public personal information, including addresses, phone numbers, and associates, according to police.

"We support peaceful protest and understand that reforms to advance racial justice are necessary and overdue," Deputy Police Chief Chris Davis said. "We also want the public to be able to easily identify officers if they have concerns."

Over time, Portland police will shift to officers' last names being embroidered on their uniforms, which will be easier to read than metal name tags, law enforcement said. 

People can submit complaints or commendations for PPB members to the Independent Police Review online here.

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(8) comments

Erik Erlow Eeckhart

Rioters go out with fake 'Press' signs, now they will go out with fake Police helmets with numbers


Police have ID, badges, and show their faces. Rioters should be ID'd fully.


Easier just to implant a chip in each one and give all the rioters free readers. Not nearly so confusing, "hey, who's got my helmet?", and much more egalitarian. :)


'New Portland Police Bureau policy will make it easier to ID officers at protests' why not just paint bullseyes on their helments instead? this is pretty much what these numbers will become - bullseyes.


We need to ID the rioters and vandals and make them pay restitution to the victims of their crimes! Then they need several weeks of supervised community service to clean up their mess and they should pay for the program out of their pocket.


Yes! Wheeler make the police stand out so the Thugs can indentify them easier! Just print their names on back of uniform in 2 inch lettered so the thugs don't have to strain their eyes to see and make fake Reports. You or your new Mayor in doing away with Portland!


Now, do the same to the rioters


[thumbup] absolutely.

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