New temporary shelter for homeless men opens in downtown Portland

Image: KPTV

A new temporary shelter for homeless men has opened in downtown Portland.

The shelter is located in the basement of the Mead Building at Southwest 5th Avenue and Washington Street.

It has 75 beds and storage space where people can safely leave their belongings during the day.

Once someone reserves a bed, they are allowed to keep that spot as long as they want and don’t need to line up or call again each day.

Organizers with Transition Projects said people were able to start using the shelter Monday evening, with priority given to men 55 and older, as well as veterans and people with disabilities.

The shelter will likely only be open for six months, but organizers said it’s a much-needed start for a lot of men on the streets.

“It’s another 75 folks that are going to have a safe, warm place to sleep. We’ll be working with folks as they come in to help get them into some other shelters that we operate and that operate 24-7 and have more resources available. But I think any time we can add shelter capacity, it’s a good thing,” said Matt Olguin with Transition Projects.

Reservations can be obtained at Transition Projects' Day Center at the Bud Clark Commons, 650 N.W. Irving, or by calling 503-280-4700. For more information, go to

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