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BEAVERTON, OR (KPTV) – Nike will be laying off approximately 700 employees from their world headquarters in the Beaverton area, according to the Oregon Dislocated Worker Unit.

Nike first reported to the state of Oregon its planned permanent reduction in workforce by at least 500 employees in July, to include the closure of Nike child care centers affecting 192 employees.

Last week, the company reported to the state of Oregon that its workforce would be actually reduced by around 700 employees.

The affected employees are not represented by a labor union and will be notified directly, according to Nike. 

The report from the Oregon Dislocated Work Unit released Monday states the layoffs will be conducted by Jan. 8, 2021. 

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(11) comments


It will only get worse. Vote D, reap the "rewards."

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

So will there be a new shoe designed for aimlessly walking around the city, called the Nike Layoff?

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

That's ok, I'm sure Colin Kaepernick will help them all find jobs somewhere else, like in Cuba, Russia, China, North Korea, or Iran.


the great reset is coming

Tyrell Higgs

About 94% of Nike merch is made overseas. I feel bad for their employees in the US who are just pawns.


Maybe Kapernick could donate some of the money he scammed from them to help these people out.


Nike would do well to consider moving out of Oregon.

Delta Bravo

Feel sorry for those being laid off. However, good news, Kapp is still on the payroll


Intel is also threatening to send jobs overseas in January. If Biden wins this will be the trend for many companies. At least President Trump put the heat on companies for doing just the same thing, in turn jobs and stability.


More layoffs due to Queen Katie and her illegal force shutdowns and house arrest orders.



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