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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – There will be no in-person classes until November for students in three of Oregon’s largest school districts.

Portland Public Schools announced on Tuesday afternoon that classes would be online until at least Nov. 5.

In a similar move, The Beaverton School District said classes would remain online until Nov. 13. There is potential for kids in kindergarten through 3rd grade to go back earlier if Washington County gets to a point where it can meet the governor's new requirements, according to a district spokesperson.

"The reason we have set that timeline is that we know our families need to plan, especially our working families, need to find daycare options and they need to know how long at a minimum it’s going to be for," Shellie Bailey-Shah, public communications officer, said.  "So, we wanted to give them as much information as we possibly could today.”

Portland Public Schools released a statement online:

I am writing to let everyone know that after reviewing the best available guidance from health officials, and following today’s announcement by Governor Brown regarding new health metrics and standards for opening schools, we have determined that the PPS fall semester will begin online, using a new, comprehensive distance learning model.

On the heels of the announcements, the Salem-Keizer School District said it would tentatively plan to begin in-person classes on Nov. 16. It said it would hold a meeting Tuesday night to discuss school reentry. District leaders said 11th and 12th graders will not attend class in-person until the start of the second semester on Feb. 2.

The Tigard-Tualatin School District said it would begin the school year online on Sept. 14 and would keep classes online through the first nine weeks of the school year.

The announcements come on the same day the Oregon Health Authority reported the highest number of deaths tied to the coronavirus so far, with 14 deaths and 342 new confirmed and presumptive cases.

They also come as Gov. Kate Brown and health leaders on Tuesday released new metrics that schools and counties must meet to re-open.

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(18) comments


The 5th of November????? Good thing they are not hiding the fact this is all political and nothing more. Katie i can`t wait to see you and Teddy in prison for inciting violence.


This is an EPIC fail for Brown....

SHE has got to go, SO inept!


They dont learn anything at PPS anyways.


The longer the kids are kept out of the indoctrination centers, the better. We all know teachers are not allowed to teach anymore, just promote party ideology.


time to pull that money from the schools and give it to the parents. no reason for ms. karen to get paid to march downtown every night but refuse to teach our kids


Just in time to be dismissed for Thanksgiving break


'No in-person class until November for students in Portland, Beaverton, other Oregon school districts' Sorry, but no. Get those little heathens back in school in September.


It's all about the election in November, so much for letting science lead the way!


Political is right. They could wear mask to the door, take a temperature at the door on every student and teacher. Make teachers wear mask at all times in the school teaching or not. All the rest of us have to suffer wearing these things in our jobs all day, so they teachers can too. Students too if that's what it takes. This is terrible on our children this on line garbage. They need to be in school and with safe precautions there should not be an issue. The teachers are fighting this so they can get paid and not have to do the job they were hired for. Totally unfair that they are getting paid all along and we get laid off or lose our jobs completely. All who pay property taxes that a large percentage goes to schools should get a break too.


You whine a lot. Like a little kid. It'd be funny if it weren't so pathetic.

Frederick Fukov

Says the resident cop hater.

Frederick Fukov

Don't forget the proposed new tax for roads and infrastructure that makes all government workers exempt.

pb sir

I like the idea of lots of taxpayers getting together and refusing to pay the school portion of your property taxes until the schools re-open. The problem is, the first tax payment is due on November 15 and, according to this article, the "plan" is to have them open before then (making this issue look even more political).

But, I would be on board with a tax boycott if it looked like it might be effective (they would ding you for interest on the unpaid balance, though).

Husky Loyalist

As of today, according to the Oregon Health Authority 289 deaths out of 17,088 cases which translates to just 1.69%. This downward trend has been the case for many weeks. No child deaths and the % of child infections is almost zero. So, why the delay in opening the schools? For that matter why a lockdown of the state? These figures are parallel with the seasonal flu in which children die from the seasonal flu. Sweden's study shows no COVID 19 has been transmitted to teachers. This is a disservice to the kids. Gov Brown's irrational actions resulting in misery to Oregon citizens because of her disdain for the President and the Federal authorities as demonstrated by what is going on in Portland is vile.Her goal is to defeat the President on Nov 3rd and that trumps her compassion for the citizens of Ore.

Frederick Fukov

So send her a Trump Bear..filled with C4?


Novermber 5th? Hmmmm...and the election is November 3rd, so yet another reason to think this is ALL POLITICAL.




Great! Just in time for flu season.

Get your shots.

Oops, there are none.

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