DA: Machete-wielding man charged with hate crime for attack against Macy’s security worker

Camar Livingstone, jail booking photo

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A man who attacked a security guard while armed with a machete at a Macy’s store pleaded guilty to intimidation in the second degree and must write an apology letter, according to the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office.

Camar Livingstone, 20, was arrested in May last year after a loss prevention officer at the Macy’s store at Lloyd Center saw him place a large amount of clothing into his backpack, the attorney’s office says.

Livingstone removed the clothing from his backpack when confronted by the security guard, but then started using vulgar and homophobic language to threaten the officer, according to a probable cause affidavit.

At one point, Livingstone took the unpaid clothing that he had gathered and threw it at the officer, according to the attorney’s office.

A second loss prevention officer tried to get Livingstone away from the first officer, and during that altercation, Livingstone pulled a machete out of his pants and started waving it around, taunting both officers, the attorney’s office says.

Portland police responded and arrested Livingstone.

Livingstone in connection with the incident was sentenced to three years of bench probation, 80 hours of community service, and must undergo a mental health evaluation and a drug and alcohol assessment, according to the attorney’s office.

In addition, Livingstone cannot enter Lloyd Center property while on probation, cannot have contact with the victim, and must write an apology letter. If Livingstone violates any part of his probation, the court could impose an additional sanction of up to 179 days in jail.

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(13) comments


I agree with all the points made so far about this person getting off way to easy and that he will offend again soon !!


Oh now, my goodness. All of you naysayers, give the young man a chance. I'm sure he has plans and aspirations to walk the straight and narrow.. get a college degree and be a healthy contributor to society. Really now.. I'm sure this was just a weak and brief moment of childish impetuousness. Or... just maybe... he really is a bad apple that needs a realistic sentence and should rot a bit in prison thinking about what a dumb thing he did.

(son, you keep carrying a machete in your pants.. they'll call you 'shorty')


Now, people, do they have your attention? This guy did what he did, what was in his heart to do, for all legal purposes turned a simple boosting charge into an armed robbery. By producing that machete he posed a deliberate and direct threat to everyone he might have gotten close to, had he followed through with his stated intentions. He brandished that as a weapon, threatened to use it, even swung it around. If he had done the normal, and for that particular situation, done what one would consider reasonable, used the weapon in effort to flee the store after having just been caught by LP, in his effort to escape arrest, I think many people would accept that, but he didn't. He chose to remain on scene, swinging that thing around, knowing police would at some point arrive and challenge and arrest him, he remained. I find that particularly sinister. What did he really want to do there? I believe he posed a threat to anyone who might have not immediately realized what was occurring and either gotten too close to the guy or completely opposite, was a concealed carry and decided to challenge this guy and ended up dropping himin effort to stop him from injuring or killing anybody else. He created that sort of threat by his actions, his decisions because he threw a tantrum because he wasn't slick enough to steal things which he had sequestered in his pack. I cannot think of a circumstance more clearly demonstrative of a direct, deliberate threat to the general public, then something like this. Every single shopper who went to that mall on that day, if they were aware or not, were threatened by this guys actions, potentially. Permit yourselves to just imagine whatever scenario might have played out once he pulled out the weapon and began verbalizing his threats toward the two LP employees. He didn't want to escape, his interests were in accomplishing something else. So, here we are. The Multnomah County District Attorney is actively demonstrating, on a regular basis, that the responsibility which We, the People, of this community entrusted to him, to pursue the individual interests of this community, our safety and welfare, protection from all manner of threats which arise that places lives and property. In danger. Minimizing the opportunities of wrongdoers to act in whatever criminal behavior by addressing such behavior in a manner that at minimum attempts to suggest that outrageous, dangerous acts that one commits, will result in the criminal determining that when it involves unreasonable and intentional actions that endanger the lives of others who are completely innocent, will be subjected to punishment that adequately poses a clear statement to everyone else that such behavior is not going to be tolerated and anyone who considers it acceptible, or who may aspire to commit similar offenses recognize the fact of how seriously unacceptable we find such behavior. This is nothing BUT a joke here. To him. his family and friends and is an insult to each and every citizen who is represented by the mcda's office in redressing such criminal actions.

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office is the one who needs the mental health evaluation and a drug and alcohol assessment. This miscreant must have been packing a race card along with his machete. No wonder he got off so easy. The fool was brandishing a deadly weapon. Along with intimidation in the second degree, he should have been at least charged with menacing as well. He knew store security in Lloyd Center is unarmed and he went in packing. He'll violate his three years of bench probation by returning to Lloyd Center property, probably in the parking structure at first. Count on it


Absolutely Unconscionable, this creature belongs in prison! Where's the hey ate crime charges?


The Mayor probably told the court to go easy on him. Don't want to be picking on any specific group.


Pathetic justice. Really pathetic when you consider Mike Strickland's case for brandishing his weapon for a couple of seconds when being confronted by thugs, and got a bunch of jail time for defending himself.


We’ll be hearing about Livingston soon enough.


He'll be back in jail in no time for killing someone. It's too bad the loss prevention guys weren't armed.


Whatever happened to criminal justice in Portland? A written apology? Really?


NO jail time. That's just nuts.


IF Soleimani had this attorney - not only would he not be bombed right now, he would have gotten away with just a nice letter....


Why is he even still alive, after threatening the security officers? Whatever happened to criminal justice in Portland?

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