North Portland housing project will provide housing for homeless people

KPTV photo.

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – An innovative housing project in north Portland’s Kenton neighborhood is working to make a dent in the affordable housing crisis.

The so-called “deeply affordable” housing will provide more than 70 formerly homeless people with a safe, clean place to live through the development of low-income single adult housing.

The project is sponsored by the local non-profit Transition Projects.

Community members gathered Friday at the site along North Argyle Street to celebrate the installation of the very first units.

The modular co-housing design is looking to drive down the construction and operating costs of affordable housing by switching up how single adults with very low income are housed.

“What’s behind me right now, are two-, six-bedroom houses,” George Devendorf, executive direction of Transition Projects, said. “One on top of the other, so you, and five roommates would have your own bedroom. You’d share two full baths and share a kitchen common room.”

The project consists of constructing four buildings around a central outdoor living space.

“The hope is that by spring, we’ll welcome 71 people out of homelessness and into their new homes, here on this site,” Devendorf said.

Around 70 people will be living in the units and will have access to everything from laundry facilities to support services.

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(2) comments

Goose Goose

Build it and they'll come. If these things are not created with the plans of moving them out after some time, more vagrants will simply replace their position on the streets.


This is an awesome move forward. I live in that area so I hope my property insurance is subsided to handle the increase in break ins I'll have to endure.

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