Crosswalk suspect

Suspect images provided by PPB

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Police are looking for a person they say dismantled crosswalk signals during a demonstration in downtown Portland Wednesday night.

The Portland Police Bureau said it learned that a “direct action” event was planned to begin in Chapman Square Park on Wednesday. The bureau said information posted on social media suggested that anarchist groups intended to gather at the park.

These “direct action” events, police said, “have historically included deliberate destruction of public and private property, threatening or intimidating behavior and violence, such as throwing dangerous objects, starting fires and weapons. Similarly, individuals at advertised events have engaged in arson and riots.”

Addressing those who planned to attend the event Wednesday, PPB said the following in a news release: “We ask for those who want to demonstrate to do so peacefully--breaking windows, lighting fires and assaulting others does not further any racial justice movement.”

According to police, a group of about 20 demonstrators gathered near the Justice Center at 8:30 p.m. and a fire was lit in the roadway shortly after. Portland Fire & Rescue monitored the fire. A burn ban was in effect in Multnomah County Wednesday. 

About 50 minutes later, the group had doubled in size and then moved to the front of the Justice Center, blocking traffic. Police said some began spray painting the walls of the building and pointed red lasers at the building’s camera.

Around 10 p.m., the crowd marched through the downtown streets, going several blocks then looped back. During the march, PPB said two crosswalk signals were damaged at Southwest 2nd Avenue and Southwest Madison Street.

No other property damage was reported during the demonstration.

No arrests have been made, but police are searching for the suspect who dismantled the crosswalk signals.

By 10:30 p.m., most of the group had left the area.

Police said “Community members who wish to demonstrate are always encouraged to do so lawfully. The Portland Police Bureau is dedicated to supporting people's right to speak and assemble.”

Wednesday’s “direct action” event came one day after an unlawful assembly in downtown, in which a PPB sergeant was punched in the head and knocked to the ground.

Protest activity was expected in Portland Tuesday after Derek Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, was found guilty of murder and manslaughter when he killed George Floyd nearly a year ago.

After the verdict was announced, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler declared a state of emergency for the city, which lasts through noon Thursday.

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(11) comments


This is what happens when Kate Brown / Ted Wheeler don't allow the police to arrest people that break the law!


Nice opsec. Noobs.


Bring out the fire hoses. Nothing like a little water under pressure to clean things up. :)

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

"Direct Action Event?" Who coined that stupid term? That's like when Obama refused to say out loud, the words; "radical islamic terrorism." This is nothing less than domestic terrorism, and it should be called that. Furthermore, either the National Guard or even the regular military should be called in, instead of the police, because these anarchists are nothing less than a clear and present danger to this country. They are the true insurrection. They are the enemy within. They hate this country, and they're not shy about it. They should be imprisoned..every one of 'em, and unless they denounce the movement and pledge allegiance to this country, they should be exiled like Edward Snowden.


Slim,lanky momma's boy from the basement. He either needed the electronics to make a basement sign, hopped an unsuspecting driver would run over an innocent bystander, or stashing weapons in side in preparation for the next riot.

Lots of choices.


Sounds like a gathering of liberals.

Lexx Luthor

Why are we reading out a police spokesperson PLEADING with these rioters instead of ARRESTING these rioters?? 5-10 more business owners read this and just called their real estate agents demanding immediate assistance in moving OUT of not just Portland but Oregon "THE BLUE STATE THAT HATES!"

I smell a rat for DA too!

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

The DA is most likely a Democrat and I think you're right about smelling something corrupt.


DA is a Soros installed Critter.


20 demonstrators, march through town, block traffic, light fires, dismantle traffic signals.

Portland Police: "No arrests were made."

Can it get any more ridiculous than that.

Alexander Marinesko

Ted's kids at play......

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