COVID-19 coronavirus found in Oregon

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WASHINGTON COUNTY, OR (KPTV) – The Oregon Health Authority announced a second presumptive case of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Oregon on Sunday.

The second case is a Washington County resident who is an "adult household contact" of the first presumptive case on Friday, according to OHA. The person didn’t require medical attention and remains isolated inside their home.

The positive test result was one of nine tests conducted on Sunday by the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory. The other tests were negative.

State and local public health officials say they do a contact tracing when a test result is positive to notify and identify people who are in the area to the infected person, health officials said.

Health officials shared more information on the process for testing for the coronavirus: 

• The first possible case of the coronavirus in Oregon was announced on Feb. 28. The two tired testing process was first administered at the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory and a second test was confirmed by the CDC. The results for the second test have been received.

• The testing is only done at the request of a doctor and its based on symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath), travel to an affected area and being exposed to a person or persons who have traveled to the infected area.

• The test is only done in state public health labs or the CDC.

• The Oregon State Public Health Laboratory has materials to process up to 80 tests a day and is building surge capacity if needed. They have enough supplies available to perform about 1,500 tests. The CDC says it will replenish the supply as needed.

Because the second case is connected to a local school, the OHA has partnered with the Oregon Department of Education to create an information for families and school frequently asked questions (FAQ) document.

Additional updated information including daily tracking of the people involved in the investigation and people who are being monitored can be found at

Other information can be found at:

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12,000 deaths attributed to the flu from October 2019 and February 2020 with some estimates as high as 30,000 deaths.

Husky Loyalist

True, and no panic buying of toilet paper at Costco. But two deaths from this new flu strain and people, with the help of the media, are acting like we just had WWIII. No perspective, just emotional reaction which never is a positive thing.

Just curious

There are now 6 reported dead from coronavirus in Kirkland, Washington.

Just curious

So true, and there isn't any panic for that pandemic?

Frederick Fukov

How 'bout sharing the name of the individuals, so we can like..ya know..determine for ourselves whether or not we know 'em..and that we might have been in contact with 'em. How would that be?

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