With COVID-19 protocols in place, Oregon schools are opening for full time in person learning this fall. While most children are pretty well-practiced in mask-wearing, they are still starting school at an ominous time.

ROSEBURG, Ore. (AP) — An infant in southwest Oregon has died from COVID-19 complications, officials said.

The News-Review in Roseburg reports the infant, who was under age 1, was diagnosed with COVID-19-related symptoms on Aug. 20 and died Monday, according to the Douglas County COVID-19 Recovery Team.

The baby was one of 13 deaths listed in the county’s Wednesday report. Children under age 12 are not eligible for COVID-19 vaccines. All but one of the others who died and were mentioned in the Wednesday report were not fully vaccinated, officials said.

“The significant number of deaths over the past month have been so incredibly tragic and heartbreaking,” Douglas County Public Health Officer Bob Dannenhoffer said.

He said officials have chosen not to provide detailed case information out of respect for patient privacy and because of ethical responsibility to medical records laws.

“We can say that some of those who died were perfectly well before they contracted COVID and died,” Dannenhoffer said.

The health team thoroughly investigates all deaths, and reviews all medical records to make sure everyone meets the requirements for a COVID-related death per the Oregon Investigative Guidelines, Dannenhoffer said.

Gov. Kate Brown and state health and education officials have urged Oregonians to wear masks and get vaccinated as the highly transmissible delta variant continues to run rampant throughout the state.

In late August, Seattle Children’s Hospital confirmed its first patient death from COVID-19 but didn’t release any other information.

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Hey, everyone. According tot he CDC data... In Oregon. People ages 70+ make up 8% of all the confirmed COVID-19 cases... and 71% of all the deaths. 50+ make up 30% of all the cases, and 95% of all the deaths. Are you really at risk? Really? Come on. Really? Are you sure?


The lack of info in this article is laughable. The media is the virus


The article is quick to nite that these infants were not vaccinated. However, were their mothers vaccinated? Do your own research because KPTV won't allow you to post links but there are more and more reports on VAERS documenting infant children dying from blood clots, heart inflammation, and other things shortly after their mother was vaccinated.

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