OHA issues Detroit Lake blue-green algae advisory ahead of Memorial Day weekend

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The Oregon Health Authority issued a health advisory Wednesday for Detroit Lake as officials detected levels of blue-green algae in the water.

FOX 12 spent the evening at the lake speaking with folks on how this might impact them on Memorial Day weekend.

The water was ripe with folks thirsty for adventure. They’re just not drinking it.

“He wake boarded today, we usually wake surf sometimes bring the tubes out just depends on who we have up and what’s going on,” boater, Harris Morgan said. “That’s always the goal not to swallow too much water.”

Morgan, Corbin Coursey and Jadi Sequeira plan to stay at Detroit Lake through Memorial Day weekend.

They’re just one of countless families and groups who will be out at Detroit Lake as the levels of blue-green algae are beginning to bloom.

The OHA warns of the health effects if you ingest the water which includes numbness, tingling and dizziness that can lead to difficulty breathing and heart problems.

The OHA is also asking visitors not to water-ski or power boat through areas where there are algae blooms.

While toxins are not absorbed through the skin, it says people who are sensitive may have a reaction and should take extra precaution.

Pets and children have higher risks.

While the blue-green algae may put some restrictions on what you can do, a common theme FOX 12 found amongst the people interviewed was they’re not phased with the advisory and they’re sticking around regardless of the warning.

“I think they probably post it, many people probably don’t think much of it,” Morgan said.

“Five or six years ago I was like shocked I was like ‘oh no we can’t’ but then you see a million other people doing it and you read the warnings and work around it,” boater, John Hockett said.

The Hockett family boats out on the lake every year.

They do take precautions with the blue-green algae advisory by not swimming in the lake and bringing separate water for their dog.

But the advisory Hockett said seems to come every year and it doesn’t stop them and many others from getting out on the water.

“We’re Oregonians and so you wait all year for this and so I think they see past the warnings and say this is my time, I’ve been waiting for this I’m going to do it,” Hockett said.

The OHA encourages folks to get out on the lake this weekend and all summer but to remember to take the steps to keep yourself safe.

It says it will lift the advisory when there’s no longer a concern at the lake.

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