PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - A new and startling model released by the Oregon Health Authority Friday said if COVID-19 continues to spread at its current rate, we could see 570 new cases of COVID-19 per day by Nov. 5.

“I feel completely lucky and extremely grateful it wasn’t worse," Rebecca Frasure said.

Frasure had COVID-19 at the beginning of 2020. She was on the Diamond Princess cruise ship visiting Japan and tested positive before eventually coming back home to the United States.

“Just a dry cough. Not a hacking cough, not a productive cough, just like a tickle in your throat," Frasure said, describing her symptoms back in March.

Frasure said when she got the positive test, she was shocked.

“I felt okay and was still positive for it," Frasure said. "That, after a certain amount of time, became concerning to me, because I didn’t feel sick. It goes to show even if you don’t feel ill, you may have still been exposed and could be spreading the virus unknowingly."

That's what worries her about the Oregon Health Authority report released Friday. The OHA reported if COVID-19 continues to spread at its current rate, we could see 570 cases a day with 40 hospitalizations. In a worse scenario, they predict there could be 740 cases a day with 48 hospitalizations.

“For me, it’s honestly been kind of frustrating. From a layperson’s standpoint. I feel like we could be doing a lot more to reduce the spread than we are," Frasure said.

Dr. Nick Kashey, a primary care doctor at Legacy Health, is also concerned about these trends.

“Flu season is always a strain, you know, every year," Kashey said. “To have an additional load, or, additional amount of patients admitted with COVID could put a significant strain on our resources.”

He said this possible upward trend is especially concerning because he's seen firsthand what this virus can do to people.

“People can wind up in a hospital, on a ventilator. Really, unable to breathe," Kashey said. “When somebody is dying, they’re often dying alone, or just with a single person and that has been one of the most heartbreaking elements of how this virus has taken the lives of Americans all over the country."

Kashey said wearing masks and social distancing is the best way we can all prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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The Diamond Princess and a similar Argentine cruise were both studied. One had masks the other no masks. The "no mask" cruise had a 47% infection rate and the "mask" cruise had a 81% infection rate. Masks cause the infection rate to nearly double. Masks clearly shown to be deadly!


Here are treated to a prime example of an ill informed doctor giving out an opinion. We now know that masks do little to nothing to prevent the spread of virus and that lock downs do not work. I weary of the out of date reporting about this virus. Then the misleading reporting. We know more tests are being conducted and so more cases are found...what other flu or cold virus have we ever tracked this way? How do we know the significance of the data collected?

Husky Loyalist

More fear mongering of possibles, etc. While as of today, the Ore Health Authority stats show the mortality rate (611) of the positives (38,935) is only 1.62% and only 0.079% of those tested (773,225). The number of patients in ICU is 0.087% of the positives. The numbers continue to be equal or less of the seasonal flu. No deaths of those aged 0-19 years old. Open the schools! It is all about politics and control.

Thinking Person

So besides a doctor who is going to give the standard answer “could put s strain” you lead the story with a woman who contacted the virus in March and *she’s* concerned. Who cares what she thinks. She a doctor or public health official. OHA “studies” have been wrong and if their right aren’t they prepared? The doctor mentioned ventilations- don’t they have enough now. Most victims don’t need them. We all know this but the media continues to tell the same story because they like it and want more. They can’t get enough.

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