PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - An OHSU doctor started a social media movement with #GetMePPE, which stands for personal protective equipment.

Healthcare workers are expecting a surge in COVID-19 patients over the next couple weeks, so they’re turning to Twitter to plead for hospital supplies.

On Monday, Dr. Esther Choo, emergency physician and associate professor at OHSU, tweeted in part:


Share a pic of the PPE you're in that you need to stay safe”

Tons of healthcare workers across the country responded, showing what supplies they have left and what they're re-using in some cases.

One tweet from a pediatrician in Portland said, "Do these masks work? Not sure. Do they work if you re-use? Probably not. Do I wish I had a gown? Yes. Should I have been wearing eye protection last week? Yes."

“I mean, some people were showing how they’re on day five of using equipment that we normally would use once and then discard. People were showing how they were kind of ‘MacGyvering’ equipment together or purchasing their own equipment,” Choo said. “People were messaging me and also posting about how they stopped at Home Depot on their way to the hospital. I mean, I don’t think I ever would have imagined a time where we would stop by a hardware store on the way to the hospital in order to be properly equipped.”

Dr. Choo says OHSU does not have a shortage right now, but they are anticipating one soon. In an effort to preserve PPE, OHSU and other metro area hospitals are postponing all non-urgent surgeries.

OHSU is also closing their School of Dentistry.

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