A report from the OLCC says a nightclub on Northeast Broadway in Portland had a "history of serious and persistent problems" before a fatal shooting Saturday.

The report said a fight erupted inside Fontaine Bleau at about 12:30 a.m. and a security guard was struck in the head with a bar stool.

The fighting customers were eventually separated and at least one person was tossed out of the club.

Shortly after, shots were fired in front of the club on Third Avenue and Broadway, and that led to more than 200 people rushing out of the building in a panic.

"The scene was extremely chaotic," the OLCC report said, and many people were hostile toward police officers when they arrived.

Officers called for a citywide "code three" response, which means every available officer should respond using lights and sirens. They eventually gained control of the scene.

Police said 30-year-old Durieul Harris died in the shooting. He was struck directly in front of the nightclub, about 15 feet from the front door, the OLCC report said.

Forty-four-year-old Fredrick Conner and 50-year-old Sheila Shelby were also struck by the gunfire. They survived and are being treated at a Portland hospital.

No arrests have been made in the shooting, but the OLCC handed down an emergency liquor license suspension at the Fontaine Bleau. The OLCC said the nightclub operator, Rodney Dewalt, allowed a crowd of more than 200 people at his building Saturday despite Portland fire officials having "numerous conversations" about the capacity being 155 people.

In addition to describing the nightclub shooting, the OLCC also listed a number of other police calls at Fontaine Bleau:

June 2: Police respond to a noise call and find loud bass coming from inside the building, and 25 people loitering at the front door.

June 23: Police arrest a nightclub customer on an outstanding warrant. While being taken into custody, he dropped a gun on the ground.

July 20: Police respond to a disturbance call. A nightclub customer pushed and kick other customers and threw chairs before being detained by security.

Aug. 24: Police respond to a fight and find 50 to 70 people yelling at each other. Officers also saw a line of cars parked and blocking the right of way in front of the nightclub. In addition, police noted an "overwhelming odor of marijuana."

In October, police, firefighters and neighborhood representatives met with Dewalt, but the OLCC says Dewalt stated he "was not responsible" for nightclub patrons once they left his property and wouldn't provide any oversight off the property; instead, he preferred to let police deal with those issues.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to contact Detective Bryan Steed at 503-823-0395 or Detective Michele Michaels at 503-823-0692.

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