PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – The Portland Trail Blazers secured their position in the NBA Western Conference Finals with a heart-stopping Game 7 win against the Denver Nuggets.

The next round of the playoffs begins Tuesday in Oakland and marks the first time the Blazers make it to the conference finals in 19 years. But the game will also make history. 

Seth and Stephen Curry will become the first two siblings to face off in an NBA Conference Championship.

Their mother, Sonya Curry, told FOX 12, it is a “no-lose situation” for their family, although she confessed to being nervous about the series.

“I really don’t have that much experience with them playing against each other,” Sonya said. “I’m anxious to see what it’s like.” 

The Currys’ matriarch says she has always wanted both her sons to make it to the NBA championship. 

But she never thought getting there would put the two brothers at odds: Seth Curry on the side of the Trail Blazers, against Stephen Curry who plays for the Golden State Warriors.  

Though the two played against each other during the regular season, Sonya says this is a whole new ball game. 

She tells FOX 12 it reminds her of the days her boys took their first shots, when Stephen was only 5 and Seth just 2 years old. 

“Them just playing around the living room, backyard against each other,” said Sonya. “Having some very, very healthy competition between the two of them.” 

Now, there is much more on the line. For Steph, a fourth championship ring, and for Seth, his first. 

“It would be nice for Seth and his teammates to experience that and get a ring as well,” Sonya said. 

According to Sonya, she and her husband, Dell, have been traveling all over the western United States this playoff season to support their sons.

“We left at the end of March and haven’t been home yet,” Sonya said. 

The couple was watching from the stands for all but a few games. Even during tense moments, like Seth’s Game 6 scuffle against the Nuggets’ Will Barton. 

When asked whether her maternal instincts kicked in watching the argument, Sonya said, quite the opposite. 

“It was actually fun for me to watch it. I wanted to see what he was actually going to do,” she told FOX 12. “I’m just glad he didn’t back down at all. It was kind of exciting as a spectator.” 

Sonya says she and Dell plan to be at every game this series, although they are still not sure which team’s jersey they will wear. 

“We’ll flip a coin. Heads Warriors, tails Portland.” she said, with a chuckle. “Whoever gets what each game, we’ll go with it. We’ll rock it.” 

When asked if the family plans to meet between Western Conference Championship games and break bread, Sonya told FOX 12, “Any time we can get together it’s great. Especially with all the grand babies.” 

According to her, “We’re pretty united. We don’t really let any of that come in between family.” 

Sonya has no favorites. Her only wish for her sons during the series is for them to do well and contribute to their teams. 

“Dell and I, our family, we can’t lose.” Sonya said. “Somebody’s going to the championship and when we get there, of course, I’m all in for whichever team gets there.” 

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