PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Two Portland Community College instructors have put together a number of videos on how to do online learning well. They said part of that means making sure kids continue to behave like they're inside the classroom.

The videos are by Jessica Bernards and Wendy Fresh. They're creating a series of videos for fourth graders up to college-aged students, including one on virtual etiquette.

They said to treat remote meetings like in-person class by being their on time and dressing appropriately.

Bernards and Fresh said finding a good space is also important and checking surroundings to see what will show up on camera.

They also suggest having other people out of the room, in possible, to limit distractions. They recommend putting phones and other devices on silent, too.

The instructors also said students should read what they write before sending it, as well as knowing where their camera and mute button is.

“One of the more shocking ones was forgetting to turn off their audio or their video when they needed a restroom break and so just being trying to make it lighthearted, but also bring in the reality of what occurs in this new environment that we’re in," said Fresh.

“The biggest thing I think teachers will like is we talk about etiquette when it comes to emails and discussion boards and really them understanding that this isn’t where you should be using text lingo, but we need to make sure we’re being professional in our discourse," said Bernards.

They said they'll make more videos as topics pop up this school year.

To see the videos, click here.


PCC instructors say it's important for kids to learn new technology before beginning online learning

PCC instructors put together series of videos on how to succeed while learning remotely

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You don’t want to see how they act in the classroom.


And for god's sake keep any toy guns and knives out of view of the teacher or your kid can be arrested and suspended.

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