SALEM, OR (KPTV) - Opponents of a cap-and-trade bill that is working its way through the Oregon State Legislature are gathering throughout the state Wednesday. 

A convoy of trucks from North Plains, Vernonia, Clatsop County, and all over the state headed out early Wednesday and made their way down to the capitol to demonstrate their opposition to a bill they say will devastate their communities and cost them their jobs.

House Bill 2020 passed this week in the Oregon House, and now goes on to the Senate where it faces stiffer opposition.

HB 2020 - also known as the cap-and-trade bill - would place a cap on most of the state's greenhouse gas emissions. Major polluters would have to purchase "credits" or "allowances" for every ton of greenhouse gas they emit.

There are some built-in exceptions: Some "credits" would be given to businesses for free, and businesses could trade "credits" among themselves.

But those who oppose the bill say it would dramatically effect some of the state's rural communities and hurt businesses like timber companies.

Opponents also say it would cost transportation companies, and hike up the price at the pump with added taxes.

Meantime, some environmental groups say this is needed to improve Oregon's air quality and help save the planet. They also say it could add as many as 50,000 clean-energy jobs to the economy.

A rally against HB 2020 took place on the Capitol steps in Salem on Wednesday. 

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Just another BS Bill passed by the Liberal Democrats.


So essentially , we are selling carbon credits for a dollar amount to the highest bidder to emit as much carbon as they need, and you call this a way to tackle climate change? The loggers, foresters, and tree farmers are the professionals here and they do an excellent job of maintaining our forests and replanting them and in turn trees are carbon eating machines. We dont need to sell out our forests for carbon credits, nor disrupt and lose thousands and thousands of jobs for a slush fund . It sickens me that this was pushed through and taxpayers have had no say on what happens to this state.

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