Optometrists urge eye protection for Oregon solar eclipse


With a rare solar eclipse a month away, Oregon eye doctors are warning those who plan to watch the celestial event to have their eye protection ready.

Across the state, eye doctors' offices, stores and tourism bureaus have been selling solar eclipse glasses.

Local optometrist Dr. David Wolf said trying to watch the eclipse without special glasses is an extremely bad idea, explaining that someone staring straight into the sun for even a few seconds can do severe damage to their retinas and even cause vision loss.

Ophthalmologists advised people to use certified solar eclipse glasses and make sure they are watching young kids who could possibly just stare directly at the sun.

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These experts also add that even the smallest scratch or pin hole in the glasses can do damage to eyes.

“There is a very specific coating to try and cut down the rays, so just like anything else, if it is scratched, some of the coatings is missing and the rays are going to come through,” Wolf said. “Certainly a pinhole would be the worst possibility because then it is going to go right through with no storage at all.”

Anyone that has a scratch or any scuffs on their glasses need to cut up the glasses and throw them away.

For more eye safety tips during the eclipse, visit the Oregon Optometric Physicians Association website at OregonOptometry.org.

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