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PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) – Oregon’s unemployment rate dropped below 4.9% in August and added 7,900 jobs, according to a new report by the Oregon Employment Office. It is the lowest rate since March 2020, when it was at 3.6%.

The OED said that this was the third time since 1976 that the rate dropped below 5%. The other two were in the mid-1990s, when for 14 months, the rate dropped to 4.5%. For 51 months in 2016 through March 2020, the rate was at 3.3%.

In July, the unemployment rate was at 5.2%, which was similar to the national rate at 5.4%.

In August, the most significant gains were in government at 3,500 jobs, wholesale trade at 1,400, leisure and hospitality at 1,200 and professional and business services 1,000. The retail trade was the only industry that lost 1,900 jobs.

Health care and social assistance are still lacking 10,400 jobs since Feb. 2020. Nursing and residential care facilities have been especially hit hard with having lost 1,300 jobs since Aug. 2020. Over the past year, ambulance health care services have added 3,100 and social assistance 1,100 jobs.

The OED said Oregon has recovered 204,700 of the jobs lost during the recession.

For more information about the August unemployment report, click here.

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Mr Q

It’s amazing when you kick 10s of Thousands of people off of Unemployment how it makes your unemployment rate look so much better ..🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂


It won't last long. The liberals will begin handouts shortly in order to buy votes before the next election. Everything depends on how many illegals and Afghan terrorists they allow to vote. If the get enough of them, they won't need the deadbeat's votes.


I guess getting off the govt. teat gets butts off the couches and back in to the real world



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