SALEM, OR (KPTV)Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum wants voters to know if you have a concern about voting security or fraud, her office launched a voter protection hotline you can call for help during this election season.

FOX 12 spoke with Jeff Thorpe, a concerned resident, on Monday.

The St. Johns resident says he recently got two ballotsone for his current address and another for his former address.

"Too many things can go wrong. And that proves it right there," Thorpe said.

It's concerns like these Rosenblum says you can ask about on that new voter protection hotline.

"You can get a quick answer from a real live person within a short period of time. Because the most important thing is we're so proud that we do have safe, reliable secure elections here in Oregon," Rosenblum said. "We are the easiest place to vote in the country."

The hotline can be reached at 971-673-4111.

Election officials say Thorpe's situation isn't unheard of when someone changes their registration near the deadline.

"As soon as we generate that replacement ballot, it automatically inactivates the previous ballot," Multnomah County Director of Elections Tim Scott said.

But what happens if someone unknowingly casts the inactive ballot?


KPTV image.

Scott says the ballot would get kicked out of the sorting system because it was inactive, and it would be reviewed after the election to see if it could be counted if the active ballot was never cast.

Scott says that review process looks heavily at the signature on the ballot, which is compared to the most recent signature in the registration system. Scott says every signature on every ballot is reviewed during the election.

"We actually switched to using some software and it's the same software that the banking industry uses for signature verification," Scott said. "If it's not 100 percent match by the software then we have trained staff who've been doing this for years who would look at that and compare handwriting characteristics between the two signatures based on training they received in forensic handwriting analysis and make a decision."

Rosenblum says if you cast two ballots, that's a crime.

"Just send in one ballot," Rosenblum said. "If you send in more than one ballot, then yes, it will be evaluated for the possibility that it was intentional on your part, which would be fraud."

As we near the election, Rosenblum says her office is working with local law enforcement on plans, with the possibility of protests following the outcome of the election.

"We don't know when there will be a result and we don't know what process it will need to go through once there is an outcome it may well be questioned," Rosenblum said. "We hope not, it shouldn't be but if it is then it may have to go through the courts system and it could take some time."

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Right on, Jefferson. I made that mistake with my brother. I'm not trusting Oregon's politicians with anything.


How do you vote here if you have an injury preventing you from signing a matching signature?


How is she going to protect the voters? She can't. She is just blowing smoke.


Hey, bro, that's like your sister guarding your piggy bank:)

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