PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Several churches across the state of Oregon and some of their members are standing together in a lawsuit against Governor Kate Brown, claiming her executive orders violate their Constitutional rights.

The lawsuit was filed by ten churches and a number of people who attend or work at those churches. It includes churches from Baker City and Lincoln City to Portland.

“Churches and churchgoers are not willing to let their constitutionally protected religious right be infringed upon just indefinitely,” said Ray Hacke, a lawyer representing the group.

Hacke says those churches are suing because their rights under the First Amendment are being violated.

The group claims that Governor Kate Brown did not have the authority to infringe upon their right to gather at a church in the first place. But their lawsuit says that under the Oregon State constitution, Brown could only shut down the state for 30 days then would need legislative approval from there.

“If she wants to do it longer than that, she needs to go to legislature, get a three-fifth’s vote in each house and they will extend the time that way,” said Hacke.

They say since that didn’t happen, a judge should rule her executive orders unconstitutional and unenforceable.

“That would allow the churches to open back up. That would allow people to attend church free from fear that they’re going to be arrested or going to be fined,” Hacke said.

He says that the churches he represents are taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously. He says they should be allowed to determine for themselves what is best for their members.

“They certainly don’t want to endanger anybody, especially their elderly and more vulnerable populations and so, yeah, I think a lot of them would follow social distancing guidelines how they see fit,” he said.

Hacke says that churches in smaller communities with few cases and no deaths should be allowed to open immediately.

FOX 12 reached out to Gov. Kate Brown’s office for comment but did not hear back.

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(9) comments


Two things.. One if these are Christian churches it states very clearly in the bible that a Christian is not to sue another.. "To have lawsuits at all with one another is already a defeat for you. Why not rather suffer wrong? Why not rather be defrauded?"

It also states that a church is not a building. So I'm thinking these are false churches for wrongly teaching us by going about what the governor is saying.

I am and always will be praying for truth and wisdom above knowledge for the world and us Christians who are to live in the world but not be from it.


Amen to that Frederick :)


Good for them. I hope more join in. God has this all in hand, as He always has. Closing churches is not the answer to folks who want to gather and pray and worship during this time.


Churches suing isn't a surprise. They are pushy, greedy organizations that think because they believe in some god they are better than anyone who doesn't. Their god murders innocent people, including children every day and they claim that it's OK because their god was responsible for it. What a bunch of whackos. I can see why the Catholics want to go back to normal. More children means more victims for their priests.

Frederick Fukov

Churches, businesses, and other groups and individuals should simply ignore the faux governor, and live their lives as the constitution protects. What is she going to do? Send out the police, OSP, sheriff's deputies, and the ONG? Good luck with that. If everyone in masse just flipped the bird at her and went back about their business, while of course, practicing common sense social distancing, there's really nothing she could do about it. If she has anyone arrested, legally, it will come back to bite her, and she knows it. To call her a paper tiger, in an insult to tigers, and paper for that matter. This woman is a joke. She should NEVER have been allowed to ascend to that position the way she did. The ODP road-mapped that whole thing. The media favored Kitzhaber and the dems, and they covered up what he and Hayes did, until AFTER the election, knowing full well that he would be forced to resign, but the dem party would remain in control, with this fraud taking Kitzhaber's place. Then she carefully avoided political grenades as best she could through her first real term, but look what she did immediately following, when she knew she had won the election. Anyone with a clue knew this pod's agenda a long time ago, but the left voted her in twice more after the interim election, because instead of common sense leadership that Dennis Richardson of Bud Pierce would have provided, they went partisan and elected a complete political hack. This woman is unqualified, she's worthless, and she has no business being in that position. She's the worst combination of inept, corrupt, and completely indignant and arrogant. She represents what the far left have become, and the leftist voters are too stubborn and prideful to admit they made a huge mistake voting her in. There, I feel better now.

Sun Tzu

And I will agree with you.


"Coverup" is the democrat's motto.


I say gather one and all..to your sanctuaries..take it all in..because that is where your funerals will take place also...enjoy


Hey just like the idiot who calls himself a President...now there is a total joke for you

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