OREGON CITY, OR (KPTV) – An Oregon City business is fed up with reckless drivers.

Pat McDonald, the owner of Northwest Boat Sports, says there have been three crashes at his business in just the last 10 months.

Making matters worse, he says none of the drivers had insurance.

The most recent crash happened on Monday. The business is located on Highway 99 in Oregon City.

The crash was caught on video, which shows a red car go airborne as it hit one truck and then came to rest as it hit another.

McDonald told FOX 12 there have been two other recent crashes where a car hit their building or sign. This time, it was one of their work trucks.

McDonald says all these crashes have something in common: the driver doesn’t have insurance and he gets stuck paying thousands of dollars for repairs.   

“When the guy hit us yesterday, it hit one of our work trucks, basically an irreplaceable work truck,” McDonald said. “After the cops were talking to him and I was like, OK, this is going to be another situation with no insurance, no driver’s license, so I knew it was all going to be left on me for a third time in 10 months.”

He added, “We’re working as hard as we can to run a functioning business, but we’re left to clean up the damage.”

McDonald says in each crash, the driver was just given a citation.

The business sits on a straight stretch of Highway 99, so he’s not really sure why this keeps happening.

McDonald says he has reached out to city commissioners and the mayor, trying to get the 50 mile per hour speed limit in the area lowered.  

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(3) comments


If your poor or visiting the country for long periods of time there really is no reason to carry insurance. Nothing will be done to you so it would just waste money that can be better spent on fun things. So the rest of you better protect yourself with insurance.

Just curious

Hey Business owner start getting names and take them to court. Good citizens carry vehicle liability.

Don't you carry business insurance?

Lee Smith

Is the boat shop between the falls and Canby? I agree with the shop owner as to why it keeps happening there. My best friend lived in Canby and I would take 99 to get over to his place and yes I did break the speed limit but never saw or felt a reason why a car would crash in that straight a way.

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