LINN COUNTY, OR (KPTV) – Frank King said he had to get back home for some speaking gigs he had lined up over the next couple of weeks.

He says he has no symptoms of the coronavirus and he says the CDC cleared him in Seattle to return home to Eugene. But how he left Cambodia has a lot of people raising their eyebrows.

King says he has worked on Holland America Cruises for over a decade as a stand up comedian.

The MS Westerdam left Hong Kong on Feb. 1 and was diverted several times after the coronavirus gripped China.

An elderly woman who disembarked the ship tested positive for the coronavirus in Malaysia.

Passengers were put up in a five-star hotel in Cambodia and all would have to be tested -- including King -- before they would be allowed to leave.

He says the hotel wasn't under a quarantine and people were free to go sightseeing, but security would not let them bring their luggage with them.

King insisted that his test was negative and after talking with someone on site from the CDC he decided to sneak out.

A security officer told him not to leave as he went out the back door, but he got into a taxi and took off for the airport.

King says he was healthy and didn't want to miss his work and he wouldn't have left if he was symptomatic.

"I knew full well that if there was an issue, the CDC would have put me into quarantine or had me self-quarantine at the very least, if they thought there was an issue,” King said. “And, if the CDC doesn't know the parameters of the disease, the incubation period, the non-symptomatic carriers, then who does?"

He says someone from the CDC was there to meet him when he got off the plane, but again, he says he was cleared to come home.

King says he's checked in with his doctor and the Linn County Health Department as well.

Due to all the media coverage he decided to cancel the first of the three gigs he was trying to get back for.

FOX 12 has learned that Frank was fired by Holland America.

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(13) comments


He should be given a hero's welcome to our sanctuary state, complete with a handshake, a hug and even a kiss from our wonderful governor and all the legislature. Then they should all be Beijing

Just curious

Well if anybody that goes near him comes down with the "Corona virus" then we'll know he spread this here in Oregon.

Just curious

[angry]Why hasn't he Feds & Oregon State Police locked him up?


Hope his career is over

Just curious



This is irresponsible of CDC, the Hotel, the cruise ship, US AIRLINES, AND Oregon HEALTH AUTHORITIES / DEPARTMENT. IT'S not too late to quarantine this man. Obviously, none of the people dead thought the person who contaminated them were CONTAGEOUS either. That's the way it proliferates. Now it's right here in our County. Mr. King canceled his comedy engagements, so obviously THEY were not his biggest motivated. Stay HOME. YOU ARE IGNORANT. EVEN THE EXPERTS ARE DESPERATELY SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS. NONE OF WHICH THEY HAVE, LET ALONE YOU, KNOWING IF IT WAS SAFE TO TRAVEL. IDIOT.

Just curious



What a selfish idiot. Bet he would give you a communicable disease if he could and wouldn't say a word. He should be arrested and put in quarantine.


Wow. I just posted a comment about this and it's been removed... Really trying to hide the severity of it aren't you?


This is all you have to say about this? This goes to show that the CDC don't give a hoot about stopping this... The incubation time they're finding it is 28 days... And they are sushi finding that purple can be carriers of it yet show no symptoms...They say they are quarantining people for 14 days at military bases... Obviously not... They want this to spread. They know that most will just take the govt word that everything is under control.

This is just the beginning. If people would actually look into this a little they would see that chinas funeral homes have been dealing with 4x the normal rate of bodies since dec 29..

They have begun welding ENTIRE high rise apartment buildings shut. Some housing 1000s. The true numbers of dead are WAY more than the 2000 they're saying.

It's shocking To me that another on that ship tested positive.

And then this guy doesn't want to miss a couple of lectures he's to give to a large group of he escapes a hotel and comes home. ..

To a place where I just read doesn't even have the capability to test for corona virus...the good ole Willamette valley.

The Stand comes to mind... Just saying...


That guy should be locked up. If he causes any sickness he should be fined and criminally charged

Mr pickles

You selfish sorry excuse for a human. I hope you get it if you don't have it.

Terrell Higgs

Talked to 'someone' from the CDC. What a selfish egomanic

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