An Oregon couple from Sandy is down a couple thousand dollars after finding out that the money given to them for their sold car was actually fake.

Darren Ward and his wife Alycia posted their Mustang GT on sale for 2,000 dollars, but now they are out of cash and the car.

The Wards were hoping to make some extra cash before the birth of their first child and decided to put up their ’95 Mustang GT for sale on Facebook.

The couple said they found a buyer quickly and the sale took place in the parking lot of the Fred Meyer in Sandy on Monday evening.

At the time they told FOX 12 nothing seemed off about the buyer.

"He told us he has stopped by the Bank of America on the way in. The money was in a Bank of America envelope, sealed. I counted it,” Ward said.

When they got home that night, Alycia noticed one of the bills was crooked.

They said they took the money to the bank the following day and learned they'd been paid in counterfeit bills.

The Wards had a word of advice for others looking to sell goods online.

“Buy a money marking pen,” Alycia advised. “Yeah! There you go!” Ward added.

The Wards told FOX 12 that because investigators cannot confirm whether or not the buyer knew the bills they used were fake there isn't much they can do right now.

However, the Wards said that it is easy to distinguish since it has damage on the front passenger side and a shattered windshield.

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