PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) - Time is ticking for health care workers in Oregon to choose the vaccine or get fired, under orders from Governor Kate Brown.

It’s a smaller, but still significant, population of the state’s health care industry in question.

As of last week, 18% of health care workers had yet to receive a single dose of the COVID-19 shot, according to data provided by the Oregon Health Authority.

Meanwhile, 82% of health care workers are vaccinated, compared to 75% of the general population.

About 1% more health care workers are now vaccinated, compared to last month.

Vaccination rates vary by medical industry.

Oregon dentists are the most likely to be vaccinated, with a whopping 98% of them inoculated against the virus.

The least likely health care workers to be vaccinated? Chiropractic assistants – only 58% have received at least one shot.

When it comes to hospitals, vaccination rates hover in the low to mid-90’s.

Oregon data shows small uptick in vaccinations among healthcare workers

Image: KPTV

OHA reported on Tuesday that the number of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 across Oregon is 585, which is 59 fewer than Monday. There are 149 COVID-19 patients in intensive care unit (ICU) beds, which is 21 fewer than the previous day.

There are 56 available adult ICU beds out of 682 total (8% availability) and 298 available adult non-ICU beds out of 4,117 (7% availability).

Across the river in Washington, vaccination rates among healthcare workers are not, so far, made available publicly by the state, but the Washington Hospital Association on Monday announced an overall staff vaccination rate of nearly 90% across its members statewide.

It’s extra peace of mind for Russell Brent and his dad Bruce. His father is 93 years old and more at risk of developing complications from a breakthrough infection.

“I just can’t imagine or understand why a health care worker would not get vaccinated,” Bruce said Tuesday.

Russell hopes that more corporations will soon be required to mandate vaccinations for employees.

“I think in the next three to four months it’s going to be very difficult for the unvaccinated to be part of community and I’m just praying there’s going to be a higher vaccination rate so we can all get through this and take the masks off,” Russell said.

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