PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A local industrial designer is heading to New York, presenting his newest invention at Toy Fair, one of the largest toy trade shows in the world.

Jeff Lawber says this is the first time he’ll be heading to Toy Fair to show off one of his creations. He says he’ll be presenting his product, called Marmals, to some of the biggest companies in the world.

“Here’s my millennial,” Lawber said. “It’s a vinyl figure that you can write on, draw on, paint on.”

Lawber says his creation is a springboard for the imagination.

“The head pops off, the legs pop off,” Lawber said.

You can take the Marmal apart and give it any look you want. They’re Lawber’s ticket to one of the largest trade shows in the world.

“I’m extremely nervous, very excited, and still a little bit shocked that this is happening,” Lawber said.

Next weekend, Lawber will present his toy to leaders of the toy industry. He says he got his inspiration for it around two-and-half years ago.

“I was building a wooden toy for my kids and I was 3D printing the prototypes and I had white filament in and it ended up looking like a marshmallow,” Lawber said.

Hence the name, Marmals, which sounds similar to marshmallow.

Lawber says the toys could be available for purchase by the end of the month. He says they will cost around $25.

“The community here has been so supportive and has just helped me every step of the way,” Lawber said. “Everyone that I pass one along to loves playing with it and fidgeting with it.”

As Lawber heads to the toy fair, he says he will be doing everything from his marketing to the presentation on his own. He hopes companies will see the licensing potential with his toy to create some new characters.

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