Oregon DOJ investigating Portland police detective for use of force during Sept. 2020 riot

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - One day after a Portland police officer was indicted for excessive use of force, FOX 12 learned that the Oregon Department of Justice is investigating a police detective for his use of force stemming from a riot in September.

The Multnomah County District Attorney's Office says they requested the state DOJ's involvement due to a potential conflict of interest because the detective has worked with them.

Three weeks ago, FOX 12 talked with Elijah Warren and his attorney about his lawsuit against Portland Police Detective Erik Kammerer and the city. Warren says he was wrongly attacked and wounded at his home in Sept. 2020. He says after tear gas seeped into his house, causing his son and dog to suffer, he went outside to talk to an officer. The lawsuit says that he was then hit from behind by Kammerer in the back of the head by a baton.

"I went outside to find a police officer, to find out what was going on, and that’s when I got assaulted," Warren told FOX 12. "I was hit behind my ear with a police baton, and it busted up the whole right side of my ear and I had to get stitches."

The lawsuit states that other officers had to pull Kammerer off Warren who suffered a concussion and more. The lawsuit seeks $400,000 in damages for medical bills and emotional suffering and claims the city was negligent on two fronts: for not providing the officer adequate training and not disciplining him for what it calls “past misuses of force” on the job.

FOX 12 learned Kammerer is also being investigated because of another lawsuit by a Portland woman. She claims he falsified information to get her arrested during a protest in Aug. 2019.

The DOJ says they can't release any further details about the investigation at this time.

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(7) comments


Same DA not filing charges or making rioters pay for the damage they do !

Notice that the Police Union appears not to be supporting this Officer?

Tyrell Higgs

Excessive stupidity is the only thing going on here, the police and city were under attack for half a year, and most of the efforts now seem to be putting the police behind bars


Absolute BS! This scumbag rioter needs to be prosecuted, not the officer.

What would you done if you were in your own house and teargas seeped in directly affecting you and your family? Sit back? No - any normal homeowner would go out and ask what was going on, and not expect to be assaulted. Isn’t there an expectation to protect and serve for non-rioters who are simply minding their own business?


If you walk out in the middle of a riot and do not understand what is going on, it is not what I'd call street smart.

Fog of War!


You nincompoop, this guy was at his own home and went out to see why there was tear gas seeping in and this loose canon cop bopped him on the head. Quit being biased, read the article and stop supporting bad cops.

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