EUGENE, OR (KPTV) - When the 11th-ranked Ducks take the field at Autzen Stadium on Saturday afternoon, Oregon will have another new look in the uniform department.

FOX 12 connected with the designers from Hawaii on the Ducks' Ohana collection ahead of the game this weekend. Two years from conception to this weekend's actualization, The Ohana Ducks will look like something swooshed that we've never seen, and there's a whole lot of meaning behind it.  

"For our art, for Polynesian art, for Hawaiian art," Sig Zane said. "To be able to be displayed in that kind of format is unbelievable and I am very honored, touched."

The Ducks have been the best dressed in the game for years, but Saturday's PAC-12 competition with Chip Kelly's UCLA Bruins goes above and beyond, weaving together "family, unity, voyager spirit". 

"We wanted to celebrate some of those Polynesian roots, and one way of the main ideas was the wayfinding, or the navigating, of the canoe, so once we figured out the canoe portion ... a lot of those concepts started to come together as far as the paddles, the mast, everything like that, so when the artwork started to come together, that was really was dictating the aesthetic of the overall piece," Kuhao Zane said.

UO new uniform

Image provided by Sig Zane Kaio.

The overall piece comes from the design minds of Zane and his father, Sig, of Hilo's famed clothier Sig Zane Designs. 

"It really goes far to say how universal these values are," Sig said. "We come from an island. We have these same values that are very ancient in a way because they have been practiced for so many years, but they are universal principles that the entire world can benefit from."

"It's almost serving as a little beacon for us to be inspired by this project as well as for the players to play for all of the previous Polynesian players that they had, but as well as representing for all of those players that came before them, so I think it's a really pretty inspirational moment," Zane said. "If I may say that about the project, I definitely, I needed this during this COVID period too."

Saturday's kick-off is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. island time. 

"I've never done this before," Sig said. "This is going to be brand new, so I will probably be standing up and screaming at the top of my lungs."

"Everybody is going to get jerseys, hopefully, we'll get a helmet or something, we will see what's happening there," Zane said.

While this might be a one-off for Sig Zane Designs, they've already had requests from University of Hawaii fans to hook up the home team. 

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(6) comments


Honoring the explorers and navigators and conquerors of the South while we pull down, denigrate and vilify those of the North. Wouldn't Lewis and Clark be a more appropriate representation of Oregon roots? Or maybe even the Hudson's Bay Company?

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Dude, do you not remember a few years ago, during the ill-fated Mark Helfrich era, when the Ducks wore those hideous silver and black uniforms with the Lewis & Clark figures on the helmets, and the Montana St transfer failure Dakota Prukop was the starting QB? Yikes, do you REALLY wanna go there again?

Tyrell Higgs

Can someone tell me about the Polynesian roots of Eugene, Oregon?

Native Born

Actually a long time family in Corvallis was 1/2 Hawaiian. Colonel Julian Mcfadden was married 2 times to women in Hawaii. His 1st wife, Becky died from cancer & then he remarried another Hawaiian woman. With Becky his 1st wife they had 9 children some of whom grew up & lived in the Corvallis area for many years until Julian also passed away from cancer & from what we understand the family has all returned to Hawaii.Julian was an jet pilot in the air force who flew in Korea & Vietnam later being stationed on one of the Hawaiian islands until he retired and resumed operation of Pleasure Acres farm from his mother Mary Goldblatt.Some of the family went to U of O. as well as OSU.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Sure, I'll give it a shot. Hmm.."shot" is no longer politically correct. Please allow me to cancel myself for that one. Here, let me take a stab at it. Oh darn, we can't be woke and use that term any longer either. Ok, will give it the old college try, except when I do, I will do it from a distance learning standpoint, since most college campuses are not open. But I digres.

The word "Nesian" means "rare," deriving from the word "Nesite." The word "Nesia" is rooted in the Jewish faith, meaning "Miracle of Yah" short for Yahweh. Which is appropriate, because even if the Ducks go 7-0 this year, because Larry Scott is a moron, it will take a miracle for the Ducks to get into the BCS playoff. Also the word "Nesia" is found in the Nigerian language, meaning "Miracle of God," which is pretty much the same as the jewish translation. And then we have the Greeks. In Greek, the word "Nesia" means "island," and NOW we're finally getting somewhere.

Now, how does this pertain to Eugene? Well, if you were a pacific islander recruiting to play ball in Eugene, in the locker room you might feel comfortable, but as soon as you go out into the town, and you're surrounded by hippies, freaks and meth heads, wouldn't you feel like you're "out on an island?" I know I would.

And finally, if you check out Etsy's website, you will find a product that is called "Polly Nesia" which is three piece box set of silk lingerie panties, which has absolutely nothing to do with this conversation, just as polynesian roots have nothing to do with Eugene. There, I hope that helps.

Tyrell Higgs

Thanks for all the backgrounds Native and Worst, interesting and entertaining.

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