SALEM, OR (KPTV) – Oregon faith leaders are pushing once again for gun control legislation that would regulate assault-style weapons and large capacity magazines in the state.

On Monday, they filed Measure 43, the first of two petitions that would require a five-day background check and keep anyone under 21 years old from purchasing assault-style rifles and limit magazines to ten rounds or less.

Lift Every Voice Oregon is the interfaith group behind the two-pronged initiative petition. They’re now working on launching a student-led campaign and a statewide campaign. They hope ultimately to get the measure on the November 2020 ballot for voters to decide.

“After Parkland, as many of you know, faith leaders in this state heard the voices of our young people, our children and our youth crying out,” one person at the filing Monday said. “We don't just need thoughts and prayers, we need action."

On the other side, gun rights organizations like the Oregon Firearms Federation are pushing back. When FOX 12 asked the Oregon Firearms Federation for a statement, they said Life Every Voice was doing “all they can to find new ways to send law-abiding Oregonians to prison”.

Life Every Voice got several bills into committee in the last legislative session but the efforts died.

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(10) comments


The First Amendment is only still alive because of the Second Amendment - PERIOD.

The RIGHT to bear arms shall not be infringed

Just curious

The only thing that is going to stop these" Knot-Heads" is to keep on them about "Our Second Amendment Rights.

NOT allow them make additions to the 2nd Amendment Rights.


High capacity magazine is defined by these folks as one holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition. It is common knowledge, for those who care to know, that a minimum of 15 rounds of ammunition is recommended for an effective self-defense weapon. So, limiting ammunition capacity to 10 rounds is actually depriving citizens of the ability to defend themselves effectively. How is that for a public safety "improvement"?


There is no factual basis for any of these initiatives. Only fear is behind them...and that fear has no basis either. Very sad to see misinformed, misled, and ignorant people pushing so hard to take other's rights and freedoms away.


Another reason the churches are loosing members and donations


Do we tell them how to conduct services or solicit collections? NO! There is a reason for separation of Church and State. Their opinions are valid, but their push for things which they don't need to express as a public activist is misplaced.

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

The Clueless Coalition.


Maybe we should have the Government ban religion.

Just curious

Great Idea


" Lift Every Voice Oregon " - - - - Probably not really "Every Voice":)

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