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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) –The Oregon Health Authority on Sunday reported one new COVID-19 death, raising the state’s death toll to 27.  

The latest death was a 62-year-old woman in Multnomah County. Health officials say she tested positive on Thursday and died in her home on the same day. At this time, it’s unknown if she had underlying medical conditions.

OHA also reported 69 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the statewide total to 1,068 cases as of Sunday morning.

The new cases Sunday were in the following counties:

  • Clackamas (6)
  • Columbia (3)
  • Klamath (1)
  • Lane (3)
  • Linn (2)
  • Marion (10)
  • Multnomah (24)
  • Polk (2)
  • Sherman (1)
  • Umatilla (2)
  • Washington (12)
  • Yamhill (3)


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(8) comments

Just curious

Personally I think it was stupid to close all the State & National Parks. Most people need to get fresh air and exercise, and not be cooped up in their house. How did the Governor come up with this idea to close Oregon parks and trails? How can the fresh air endanger a person?


President Trump was the first World leader to call for a Chinese travel ban back in December. Amazing how Democrat Governors did not virus respond until 3 weeks ago.


On average, 6,500 people die everyday in the US and nobody cares about terminating a fetus either.

Frederick Fukov

Actually, how much MORE would the world be over-populated without legal abortion? I know, it's like..geezus h..if you don't want to be pregnant, there are a dozen ways to prevent it without ending a budding life. But still, the biggest issue the human race faces is not pandemics, or natural disasters, or climate change or the nuclear threat. It's over-population, and I don't see politicians freaking out and trying to outlaw indiscriminate sx.


Nobody is worried anymore. You wouldn't know about a stay at home order looking at the amount of people out running or on bikes today.

Frederick Fukov

Well, consider this: I played golf yesterday with two nurses, one male, and one female. They're actually I.T. for a major hospital, which means they had to be nurses for years, and then also have to have computer science capabilities. In other words, they're highly intelligent, AND they have practical experience working in the medical field. They have access to the latest data about the virus, and they're out playing golf. I think I'll trust people who..ya know..actually know something about it.

Just curious

F.F. Are you really telling the truth or just feeding us a line?


I really would like to know the full story on the newest death. She tested positive on the same day that she died at home. Why wasn't she being treated in the hospital? Was she denied care? How long had she been sick? Questions that I will never know the answers to.

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