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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Another 344 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Oregon.

The Oregon Health Authority announced the new confirmed and presumptive cases on Friday. The amount is the second highest daily case total for Oregon, just one day after a record high of 375 on Thursday.

The state’s total COVID-19 case count now stands at 9,636, the OHA said. No new COVID-19 deaths were reported in Oregon on Friday. The death toll remains at 209.

The OHA provided the following breakdown by county of the 344 new cases:

  • Benton (7)
  • Clackamas (22)
  • Clatsop (1)
  • Columbia (3)
  • Coos (1)
  • Crook (1)
  • Deschutes (9)
  • Douglas (1)
  • Jackson (9)
  • Jefferson (5)
  • Josephine (3)
  • Klamath (2)
  • Lake (1)
  • Lane (16)
  • Lincoln (18)
  • Linn (2)
  • Malheur (20)
  • Marion (32)
  • Morrow (10)
  • Multnomah (59)
  • Polk (5)
  • Sherman (1)
  • Tillamook (1)
  • Umatilla (49)
  • Union (8)
  • Wasco (10)
  • Washington (46)
  • Yamhill (1)

Also on Friday, Gov. Kate Brown announced a statewide enforcement on face masks, physical distancing, and occupancy standards in place at businesses during the Fourth of July weekend and placed 8 counties on a “watch list” due to their “alarming levels” of COVID-19 cases.

More information on COVID-19 in Oregon is available at

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(17) comments

Husky Loyalist

And notice that they are not reporting any spikes in the number of deaths. This is just like the seasonal flu. You don't shut down a whole state for the seasonal flu unless you are power hungry.


Well said! Also, rioters seem to have total "immunity" as far as Governor Brown and Mayor, I mean WHEELER are concerned.


Maybe tomorrow it will be 345!


Who is doing the counting, the same people doing presidential polls I bet? The governor needs these numbers to be high to scare people!


Well of course! ALL test samples are sent to the state lab for testing. The dude that wears the bow ties and the plaid shirts, runs this farce. What better way to control the results ???


Never trust democrats OR a man in a bow tie.


All test samples are submitted for testing to and are performed by the state health agency.


Only sheeple bought into all the fearmongering and hype.


Test more, find more. Rocket science!

Roberto Estrello Demar

Let's put some perspective on this.

Of those 344 new cases of Corvid today, how many more are silent?

How many of those 344 will be really sick but recover at home?

How many of those 344 will require hospitalization?

How many of those 344 will have permanently damaged lungs?

How many of those 344 will die early because Corvid was added to their lives?


How many of those 344 will have life go on as normal

How many of those 344 will have cheese pizza for dinner


I'm smiling.

Just curious

[scared]What did they expect after all the rioting marches in the larger cities? Like it has been stated the "coronavirus is not selective."


Oh no - more people have a flu with 99.6% survival rate. 🥱😴😴


I'm 60. No one I've known has died from the flu. 2 people I know have died fron covid 19.


Were they old, obese or already sick from something else? Or, all three? Because, you are the very tiny minority, but if you want to live in fear, that's your choice. The rest of us are moving one with our lives.


People who wear masks should have "FOOL" written on the front. Because, that's what they look like.

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