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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The Oregon Health Authority reported 382 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 statewide Thursday.

That is the highest daily case count since mid-July, according to health officials, who said it’s “a reminder of the importance of staying six feet apart from each other; wearing a face covering when six feet of physical distance cannot be maintained and limiting the size of gatherings.”

The latest update brings Oregon’s total case count to 31,865. There have been more than 618,000 negative COVID-19 tests in Oregon during the pandemic.

Health officials reported two additional deaths related to COVID-19 in Oregon on Thursday.

The deaths were an 88-year-old man in Douglas County who tested positive on Sept. 13 and died on Sept. 20 at Mercy Medical Center. He had underlying conditions; and an 82-year-old man in Malheur County who tested positive on Sept. 4 and died on Sept. 22 at St. Alphonsus Medical Center Ontario. He had underlying conditions.

There have been 539 deaths related to COVID-19 in Oregon, according to health officials. 

The new cases reported Thursday were in the following counties:

  • Baker, 1
  • Benton, 8
  • Clackamas, 32
  • Clatsop, 4
  • Columbia, 1
  • Coos, 2
  • Crook, 1
  • Deschutes, 5
  • Douglas, 5
  • Grant, 1
  • Hood River, 1
  • Jackson, 20
  • Jefferson, 5
  • Josephine, 1
  • Klamath, 2
  • Lake, 1
  • Lane, 38
  • Linn, 15
  • Malheur, 15
  • Marion, 48
  • Morrow, 4
  • Multnomah, 92
  • Polk, 3
  • Umatilla, 11
  • Union, 4
  • Wasco, 6
  • Washington, 50
  • Yamhill, 6

The updated numbers do not include a report from Clatsop County about an outbreak at Pacific Seafood in Warrenton. According to a county release Thursday, testing of the plant’s 159 night-shift workers resulted in 77 positive COVID-19 tests.

Nobody who tested positive at Pacific Seafood was hospitalized, according to county officials.

“The Oregon Health Authority is taking the lead in arranging for quarantine of the affected individuals, and conducting tracing of family and other contacts of those workers. The agency is also arranging to test the members of the plant’s day shift Thursday and Friday,” according to a county statement.

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(6) comments


Nobody cares.

Tim S.

The governor and OHA are misleading Oregonians like never before. Covid-19 flatlined months ago. The CDC just released data that demonstrates that people under 70 years of age have a survivability rate of 99.9% and those over the age of 70 have a 94.6% rate of survival. These presumptive case numbers are completely false and irrelevant. In Oregon the survivability rate is 99.99%. Odds of dying from Covid in the US 1:2500. Odds of dying in a car wreck on your way to Safeway for milk 1:112. Facts. Are we going to make cars wear masks now? The Bolognarona is dead and honest news outlets would report it as such. But KATU, like the others in this leftist swamp refuse to report the truth until caught in the act of lying. Such was the case of the 26 year old man who died of Covid - except he didn't. Stop lying to Oregonians!


OHA can not be trusted. As a matter of fact they just got busted for falsifying the numbers.


These numbers are totally fake and you should be fined by the FCC for lying! How can you count "presumptive" cases with "confirmed" cases. That is just wrong, especially when phase 2 requires the numbers to be below a certain maximum number of CONFIRMED cases over 2 weeks and we have no clue if we are there yet or not. QUIT PLAYING YOUR POLITICAL JOURNALISM AND SHOW AND COUNT ONLY CONFIRMED CASES!!!!!!!!

Frederick Fukov

Well how ironic, that the day the Multnomah County Cackling Hen Session denies Patriot Prayer a permit to assemble, citing the "corona virus," this story comes out. Wow..what a coincidence. Please..and yet, they still allow thousands at times and hundreds at other times to gather in the streets, exerting themselves and shouting, which absolutely exacerbates the "moisture droplets" to come pouring out of the mouths of the mobs in downtown Portland. Where's the concern about covid then? They've allowed that garbage to go on every night for four months, but heaven forbid you let a group that DOESN'T smash windows, and doesn't loot, and doesn't spray graffiti, and doesn't hurl dangerous projectiles, and doesn't try to blind officers, and doesn't set fires.

No..they label the patriotic Americans group as a "violent hate group?" Are you kidding me? It's pretty easy to figure out liberals these days. Pretty much anything that comes out of their mouths now, we know the exact the truth.

Son of Fukov

" Pretty much anything that comes out of their mouths now, we know the exact the truth."

Not only the opposite, it usually reflects their own actions and agenda. Trump trying to rig elections - no it's the left trying to do that. Republicans responsible for wildfires - no, it's our deranged governor's policies. And on and on. Any time you wonder what the left is up to it is exactly what they are blaming the right for.

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