SALEM, OR (KPTV) – Cap and trade is back on the agenda for Oregon lawmakers.

A cap and trade bill last year prompted dozens of log truck drivers to gather and demonstrate at the Oregon State Capitol. The bill also sparked a walkout among Republican lawmakers, who argued that it would hurt businesses and rural Oregonians.

The cap and trade bill last year, introduced by Oregon Democrats, was intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Republicans vocally opposed the bill, arguing that it would hurt Oregon’s timber industry, among other sectors.

Gov. Kate Brown says the updated version of the bill addresses their concerns, and on Monday, several Oregon business leaders gathered in Portland to show their support.

Just like the original bill, the legislation aims to reduce greenhouse gases to the levels they were at 30 year ago. But this time, Brown says, the bill’s authors sought input from rural Oregonians and the business sector.

The trucking and transportation industry would likely be impacted by the bill. On Monday, leaders of Oregon’s transportation sector said climate change gas has become too serious to ignore.

“This past 20 years have been the hottest on record. we have to rethink our approach to climate change,” Keith Wilson, president at Titan Freight, said. “This warming trend shows the unmistakable sign of human activity. We strongly urge all senators and representatives to come together and help our state be the nation's leader in carbon reduction and green technology. This is good for Oregon's air and good for Oregon's businesses.”

Despite the support of some business leaders, not everyone is on-board with the new bill. A rally is planned for this Thursday similar to last year’s demonstration, which involved dozens of logging trucks outside the Oregon State Capitol.

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(3) comments

LQ Jones

Democrats can't run a caucus in Iowa and yet they think they can control the weather.

Alexander Marinesko

Typical politicians, lets fix a problem that does not exist in Oregon....


That's great. This Legislature is not looking out for Oregonians. Anything that raises Taxes, puts Tolls on roads or anything else that affects our lives should be voted on by Tax paying Oregonians. How can a group say that we are going to pay more in Taxes and affect our lives without a vote is criminal and Communist.

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