(KPTV) – More than 90 people were arrested during Wednesday's riot on Capitol Hill, and at least three of them are from Oregon.

On Thursday, FOX 12 spoke with one of them, a man who was charged with a curfew violation.                  

Rod Taylor said he was surprised to see what happened at the Capitol.

He said the storming of the building is not the reason the group was there, but he watched as people in the crowd became increasingly agitated.

As tension and violence erupted on the Capitol steps, the world watched as chaos unfolded.

Among the crowd in D.C. was Taylor, an Oregonian who had arrived at about 9 a.m. Wednesday.

Rod Taylor

“Overall attitude was one of jubilation and also determination. There was a celebratory air. Lots of music, lots of prayer, lots of happy warriors,” he described.

Taylor said it was in the afternoon when he saw things changing.

He said he saw people make their way through the crowd, trying to anger people and get them to breach the perimeter.

“Some of them had trump hats on backwards. Some of them did not. But, the one thing they had in common was they were all angling for agitation,” Taylor told FOX 12.

He said after a few attempts, people were able to break through the first set of barriers despite yells from others not to.

“They did it anyways, because that’s what happens when you agitate a crowd,” Taylor said.

He explained things kept boiling, as people climbed the steps and eventually broke into the building.

Capitol police responded by using pepper spray and tear gas.

“This was all down the stairs, you know, people just on the knees with people pouring milk and water on their faces,” Taylor said of the scene.

He said he stayed outside and watched the chaos.

“It did surprise me. It wasn’t we expected, it wasn’t what I expected.”

Taylor’s arrest came later Wednesday.

He said after the riot, he was at his hotel and wanted to show officers a video of what he said was police brutality.

“As I approached his car, he said you’re in violation of the curfew. And I said I only think you should see this video. And he said you’re under arrest.”

He said 4 hours later, he was released.

“All of that and it was a fine of $25,” Taylor told FOX 12.

Taylor said he believes the people initially trying to breach the perimeter were not there to support the Trump rally, but he didn’t have any direct evidence of that.

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(7) comments

davcon 5

To the moderator here - why did you remove my comment ? You're a sad lot.

davcon 5

Wonder why no BLM goons or Antlfa nuts harassed the main group as they made their way to the Capitol - as that's usually been the case in the past ? Because they had a different battle plan this time. These guys are very well organized and devious.


Sounds more like QAnon and Proud Boys and the extreme right - as usual no evidence, and unfounded conspiracy theories. Trump needs to take some responsibility along with Don Jr. and Rudi -

davcon 5

Why are these goofballs Trump's fault ? He told the crowd before the march to behave themselves. You sound as nutty as Pelosi and Moochele Obamma.

Just curious

[scared]I listened to Trump's lecture, He egged them to storm the Congressional session and stop the "Electoral " reading of each state.

If that isn't encouraging destruction ?, Then what do you call it?


Biden as well with Hunter.


Sounds like Kate’s brown shirts infiltrated the crowd, similar to the BLM and Antifa folks in DC who were allowed early access to the Capitol building. The socialistic leftists have taken over.

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