PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – March was a record-breaking month for marijuana sales in Oregon and alcohol sales are looking higher than usual too. It all seems to correlate with the governor’s “stay home” order.

When so many things closed, liquor stores and pot shops were able to stay open.

And as much as Oregonians needed their toilet paper, alcohol and marijuana proved essential too.

“We definitely saw a big spike as we headed into what people thought was an uncertain time and then as that week kind of tapered off, we maintained strong numbers,” said John Ford, Chalice Farms Vice President of Customer experience.

According to OLCC, statewide marijuana sales hit $84.5 million this March compared to $61.2 million last March breaking those numbers down it averages to a 30 percent increase per retailer.

The biggest spike came in the week right before Governor Kate Brown’s “stay home, save lives” order.

At Chalice Farms, they say the demand plus the introduction of their curbside and home delivery have been good for business.

“We’re very happy the governor allowed us to stay open along with a few select industries I think its been a good service for the community,”

The OLCC says they’re still doing some accounting, so they'll have a better idea of the exact alcohol sales for march next week.

Hollywood Beverage, which has stores in northeast Portland and Gladstone, is even hiring for some positions, including a wine specialist.

While marijuana sales saw a record-breaking month in Oregon, the numbers for alcohol sales are just preliminary. Still OLCC’s forecast shows about a 17 percent increase compared to march of last year.

“We’re seeing a definite increase in our ticket count and the average ticket, so people are buying more buying larger quantities and more of what they’re buying,” Dan Miner, Hollywood Beverage owner, said.

Miner says they’ve lost the sales they would normally get from restaurants and bars but that counter sales have more than made up for it.

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(6) comments


People probably thought that liquor stores were non-essential and were going to close. Should be selling in supermarkets so there is pricing competition and not as a State-run business, but that's another beef.


Now Potland is clear of smog but cloudy with pot smoke and booze fumes. About what you might expect from its wimpy and fuzzy minded denizens:)


Stay home, save lives, get baked.

Sun Tzu

'Oregon marijuana hits breaking-record sales in March, liquor sales see increase during COVID-19 pandemic' So does this mean there is a bunch of drunk stoners or a bunch of stoned drunks?

Frederick Fukov

When the going gets tough..Oregonians get drunk and high. That's just beautiful.


What do you expect people to do? Work???

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