A mother is facing charges after police say she towed kids behind her car in a wagon through a roundabout intersection in Springfield.

Police arrested Alana Donohue Wednesday evening after saying she pulled three children, all between the ages of 2 and 8, behind her car in a small plastic wagon.

According to police, Donohue attached the wagon to the back of her car using a tie-down rope and drove laps in the roundabout circle at the intersection of South 42nd Street and Jasper Road.

At one point, witnesses told police that the 2-year-old began crying as the wagon went up on two wheels before Donohue stopped the vehicle and put that child in the car with her and continued pulling the other two children behind her car.

Witnesses said Donohue got up to 30 mph, but she told police she was only going 5 mph.

Other drivers in the roundabout said Donohue was indignant when they tried to get her to stop and said she told them to “mind their own business.”

When police confronted Donohue, they said she claimed she didn't know why everyone was making such a big deal and that she was trying to show the children a good time.

Donohue is facing three charges of reckless endangering, though the children were not hurt.

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