PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been inundated with complaints regarding workplace safety regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Gov. Kate Brown’s executive order this week shut down numerous businesses statewide. Other essential businesses can remain open, as long as they implement social distancing measures.

It’s those businesses that are driving complaints to OSHA. The agency reports receiving roughly 400 complaints in the Portland area alone in just 24 hours.

“That is a tremendous amount,” said Aaron Corvin with Oregon OSHA. “That is an unusual volume of complaints and obviously we’re living and working in unusual times.”

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The complaints have included a shortage in personal protective equipment like N95 masks, general sanitation issues and employers not enforcing social distancing guidelines.

Corvin said, to his knowledge, the agency has not received any complaints about a business that should not be operating under Brown’s executive order.

Anyone who feels unsafe is asked to raise issues with an employer first. If there is a need to escalate it to the state level, reports can be filed online at osha.oregon.gov. Calls can also be made to local OSHA field offices.

Additionally, businesses can contact the consultation team at a field office to seek advice or help with best practices to keep workers safe.


Oregon OSHA cannot take reports regarding violations of the governor’s order outside of the workplace. An example of that would be a customer who believes they have been exposed due to a retail store not maintaining social distancing. Oregon OSHA can only respond to reports of worker exposure.

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(4) comments


"Corvin said, to his knowledge, the agency has not received any complaints about a business that should not be operating under Brown’s executive order."

Thats alarming because I have personally reported 1 and know of 2 other people that have done so.


Tell me? Why are we supposedly following "Stay at home directive" when nearly every business has declared itself or petitioned the Govenor to recognise it as an essential

assets to conduct business? Oh it's ok just as long you practice social distancing requirements. One thing Gov Brown actually is correct.....the voters (people are too stupid to fiquer it out. They are too stupid to keep social distance, too stupid to have voted her in office int he first term and second terms and too stupid to have completed enough signatures for her recall....why are we so stupid?

Sun Tzu

People blindly voting 'D' might have something to to with it.

Frederick Fukov

Well, it would have helped if Knute had shaved his stupid gotee' off, and had a little more dynamic speaking charisma. The GOP in this state are incredibly weak. I will give them credit for walking out during the sessions to try to prevent Kate from jamming her stupid cap and trade garbage down our throats. But then you have a guy like Oregon Sen. Brian Boquist who pops off with "better make sure your Troopers are heavily armed," which just reinforces the stereotype of how liberals view Oregon conservatives.

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