Oregon, other western states to independently review approved COVID-19 vaccine before it goes to public

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Oregon is one of four western states that will independently review any approved coronavirus vaccine before it goes to the public.

In addition to Washington and Nevada, Oregon is joining what California calls its ‘COVID-19 Scientific Safety Review Workgroup.’

Public health experts from across state lines will be reviewing any vaccine that’s been approved by the FDA, taking a look at safety and efficacy before Oregon or any of the other three states makes it available to the public.

Keep in mind, no COVID-19 vaccine has been approved just yet. This announcement is the first we’ve heard from the Western States Pact in months.

In April, Oregon, California, Washington, Nevada, and Colorado formed the group, which claimed to share a vision for fighting COVID-19 and reopening their economies.

However, we’ve seen states differ in prevention protocols and phases of reopening.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said in a statement:

“The vaccines currently in development, once approved, are what Americans have been waiting for to protect their families, their children, and their loved ones in long-term care facilities…The independent review conducted by this panel of doctors, scientists, and health experts will ensure that a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine is available to everyone, especially communities that have been disproportionately impacted by this disease.”

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(13) comments


So, they accused Trump of not listening to medical professionals, and when medical professionals come up with a vaccine, our elected officials are going to ignore their own advice and have their own "independent panel" keep hope at bay. Democrats THRIVE on misery, and a vaccine would burst their bubble!!

Thinking Person

What about Idaho & Montana? Our Governors do not *care* this much about anyone’s health. Note: no messages about health except wash hands & masks. There are tons more things one can do to be healthy. There will not be a vaccine as they will continue to fail. When have they ever succeeded creating a vaccine for even the flu let alone SARS etc. Oregon’s problem is prison infections so they want to have us make our own prisons so we’ve too can get ill. Sheep people buy it but everyone else sees the scam. Media (KPTV) plays along as it there is never any contrary opinion. As is that’s ever happened in the history of man. They like to pretend things are “different” somehow and everyone is lock step behind Kate Brown. If you disagree you are labeled a variety of negative labels. Propaganda.

Frederick Fukov

Only 1 % of all Oregonians have contracted the virus (and thanks again to the communist chinese government for unleashing it on us all.) Only .0165 % in Oregon have died from it. And yet Ayatollah Brown keeps schools closed, churches closed, businesses restricted, and landlords from collecting rent. Yeah..she's a real mensa.


Just looked it up, despite what the governors say, if Federally approved, the vaccine can be made available anywhere within the US. So Pharmacy chains (i.e. Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Zoomcare..etc.) can offer it once approved. This is purely political show. They know they can't override the FDA.




Couldn't they be sued for blocking access to medicine? If it's Federally approved and considered vital, by blocking it, they are in essence restricting their citizens from access to healthcare? ACLU? Medical board? Some body? Help us?

Despite what the news and online communities portray, not all of us voted for this tyrant.

Thinking Person

Window dressing by these states. What makes them even think it would be distributed to them if they don’t comply with CDC rules. Love how Gov. Brown/OSHA *new* guidelines are same as the other totalitarian minded governors of Michigan & Virginia (blue) and the *new* part is a joke.


I bet if Harris was president, sorry I mean Biden that our wonderful governor wouldn't bat an eye she would do whatever those others Democrats say? This is totally political and everyone knows it!


So why don't they do this for all vaccines? This is not the governments place to make this decision. Only reason they are putting on such a big show is to show trump at the expense of the people.


I've already tested negative once.. I'll try the vaccine and be your political tester.. its only good until after elections anyway....


All blue states.

Roberto Estrello Demar

"... Flippin' their bottom lips with their fingers, goin' doodlie-do ..."

Our elected ones are crazy, as a truckload, of starving kangaroos!"

(With apologies to ...)


Oregon, California, Washington, Nevada, and Colorado share a vision for exploiting, weaponizing, and propagandizing misinformation about COVID-19 and destroying their economies in a despicable duplicitous TDS tantrum.

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