CORVALLIS, Ore. (KPTV) - Multiple break ins at a Corvallis apartment complex have students who live there feeling frustrated.

Overnight Wednesday, Corvallis Police said there was a burglary at The Retreat Apartments. One of the victims, Riley LeCocq, said the suspect stole several items from her apartment, including necessities for school.

"I'm glad no one got hurt but to me it's more frustrating than anything else that I can't really get those things back," Oregon State student Riley LeCocq said.

LeCocq was studying for midterms until around 3 a.m. just before the burglary happened.

"Upon my thinking about the timing of everything, it literally happened within an hour of me going to bed. Being from downstairs studying to upstairs in my room," she said.

Oregon State student on edge after burglaries at Corvallis apartment complex

Image: KPTV

She said she got up Wednesday morning to make it to her 9 a.m. class but noticed some of her stuff was missing.

"I came down in the morning, I did some dishes and then went to grab my laptop for my class and realized it wasn't there," LeCocq said. Turns out more than just her laptop was taken.

"My backpack, my roommates' backpack and laptop, another roommates' Nintendo switch, the chargers for those items. A lot of personal items were in there that are valuable to me," she said. "Like pins on my backpack. One of them my friend got me from Spain, and one was from a friend who lives far away now. My dog's collar who passed a few years ago, she's really important to me."

Corvallis Police said another burglary happened overnight last Friday at the same complex. LeCocq said that's something she's disappointed to hear, because a majority of those living there are students just trying to get through school.

"I have midterms next week to study for. That part is the frustrating part. You know the demographic you're stealing from," she said. "These aren't, on the whole, we're not people who have easy access to get our notes. That laptop has my notes on it. That iPad has my notes on it."

Even after this break in, she said she's not afraid of the area.

"I trust the area. While there has been certain things happening, I trust that's all it is. Petty theft," LeCocq said.

FOX 12 reached out to The Retreat Apartments asking what their plans are to increase safety there, but they haven't responded yet. FOX 12 also reached out to Oregon State University to see if they're aware of these break ins, but it's important to note this complex is off campus.

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