Oregon Supreme Court to get new chief justice

Standing: Justice Meagan Aileen Flynn, Justice Rebecca A. Duncan, and Justice Adrienne Nelson. Seated: Justice Rives Kistler, Chief Justice Thomas A. Balmer, Justice Martha Lee Walters, and Justice Lynn Nakamoto (Photo: Oregon Judicial Branch)

Oregon will soon have a new chief justice of the state Supreme Court.

Oregon law limits the term of a chief justice to six years, and Thomas Balmer was named chief in May 2012.

The seven-judge panel will vote among themselves to decide Balmer's successor, who will take over July 1.

Balmer has been a member of the Supreme Court since 2001. Though he'll no longer be chief justice, Balmer said in an email that he plans to stay on the high court.Copyright 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.


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