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SALEM, OR (KPTV) - Starting next year, its okay to eat roadkill, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission says. The commission approved the new administrative rules that allow for the salvage of roadkilled deer and elk in Oregon during a meeting Friday in Klamath Falls.

The rules take effect Jan. 1, 2019 and are needed to implement Senate Bill 372.

Officials stipulate deer and elk may not be hit intentionally for meat. Animals hit accidentally may be salvaged for consumption only.

People who choose to salvage a roadkilled deer or elk must fill out a permit within 24-hours of salvaging the animal. The permit is available online for free, according to the commission.

People filling out the permit will be required to share their name, contact info and other information, including when and where the salvage occurred and the species and gender of the animal salvaged.

They will also have to indicate on the permit if they were the person who hit and killed the animal.

According to the commission, antlers and head of all salvaged animals will have to be surrender to an ODFW office within five business days of taking possession of the carcass. The entire carcass of the animal, including gut piles, must be removed from the road during the salvage.

Sale of any part of the salvaged animal is prohibited, though transfer to another person is allowed with a written record, ODFW says.

In cases where a deer or elk is hit, injured and put down to alleviate suffering, only the driver of the vehicle that hit the animal may salvage the carcass, and law enforcement must be notified immediately.

ODFW warns that people who salvages a deer or elk will consume the meat at their own risk. ODFW says it will not perform game meat inspections of any animal salvaged under the new rule.

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